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Perspective - March 28, 2008


Asked at Danville Square

What April Fool's Day joke do you remember?

My old recording contract for my band - The Slicks - said you get your own private jet when you go overseas. But we weren't really going overseas, we were only going down south - in a van.

Sean Barnett

sound engineer, singer

In Kentucky where I worked we had this stuff when you trash the car, foam comes out, like an airbag. We set up my car and went out and one guy got drunk. (We had a designated driver.) We suddenly stopped the car and yelled, "Crash!" and set off the foam, scaring the guy.

Michael Perussina

Army, air assault

I just remember old-school things, like stacking three or four rolls of toilet paper on top of the doorway so when you opened the door they'd fall down on your head. I played this trick on my brothers.

Stephanie Jackson


We rent instruments, and sometimes employees call and pretend to be a customer and say things like they rented a saxophone and they drove over it and it's broken into a billion bits and they need it for a concert the next night. They totally change their voice.

Greg Kennedy

owner, Danville Music

At work, we stuck Post-its all over the walls and ceiling. It was at the old store. Then we had to take them all down. But it was pretty funny.

Greg Day

manager, Danville Music


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Posted by Oxymo Ron
a resident of another community
on Mar 28, 2008 at 7:48 am

Ah, Dear Editor, April Fools are not jokes.

Since days in ancient France, wise individuals understood a fresh, new year started on April First and were labeled fools by an intolerant church that worship the depth of darkness as their new year.

On this April First, I wish all a joyous new year!


One HAL of a Pal