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Community Pulse - April 4, 2008

Prank calls not funny

Emilio's Deli received multiple prank phone calls last Thursday from a woman identifying herself as Roxanne.

"The person was making fraudulent food orders," said Lt. Mark Williams of the Danville police.

The caller phoned in an order for delivery; when it was carried out, the people at the specified address said they never ordered the food.

An Emilio's employee called the police to report the prank. Police were not able to discover the caller's identity.

"Basically it's against the law to make annoying, harassing telephone calls to someone," Williams said. "These obviously could be construed as being annoying. It causes a tremendous inconvenience to the business."

Emilio's Deli, located at 629 San Ramon Blvd., had received similar prank calls before. Police do not know from whom, but Williams said it's likely the same person.

He said prank calling is fairly common but it's not always reported to police. He estimated that police receive reports of prank calls about once a week.

"It's usually kids, or its people that ... have a bone to pick with someone, doing things to make their everyday lives inconvenient by annoying them this way," he said.

Prank calling is considered a misdemeanor and usually results in a fine.

Williams recommended that food service companies do everything they can to verify orders to prevent this kind of situation. A person or business that is continually receiving prank calls should notify police.

--Meghan Neal


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