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Perspective - April 11, 2008

Letters to the editor

Thanks for 'spreading the news'

Dear Editor:

San Damiano Retreat has been located in the hills above Danville for over 47 years and yet remains a hidden jewel to most residents. Thanks to the free postings on your Community Calendar page we are really starting to "spread the good news" about our many events that are open to the public.

We are very grateful for your coverage of these events and enjoy learning about the many other activities in our vibrant community. Keep up the good work!

Fr. Raymond J. Bucher, OFM, Director, San Damiano Retreat

Olympic fever

Dear Editor:

On April 9, the Olympic torch will finally arrive in the Bay Area - its only stop in North America. After going through such locations as Turkey, Greece and Kazakhstan, the torch will pass through the San Francisco waterfront, and its arrival has already generated much buzz among residents throughout Danville. Many of my friends at Monte Vista High School have already notified me that they will be lining up early at the Embarcadero and Fisherman's Wharf to catch a glimpse of its passing.

At the same time, the torch passing through the Bay Area should remind us of the extraordinary opportunity that the Olympics presents for American foreign policy. Similar to how American ping pong players helped to improve relations between the two countries in the 1970s, competitive sports in the Olympic Games can provide the U.S. with a positive atmosphere to encourage China to improve its policies in Tibet and Darfur. Similar to how the 1988 Seoul Olympics created a push for democracy in the country, the U.S. could use the Beijing summer games to do the same.

The torch's passing through San Francisco has already infected many Danville residents with Olympic fever, but it should also remind us about the larger window of opportunity.

Kevin Zhou, Harvard sophomore, Danville