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Community Pulse - April 11, 2008

Restaurant's safe stolen in dead of night

A thief broke into Pascal's French Oven sometime during the night of Sunday, March 30, and made away with the safe and its contents, about $1,400, police said.

The burglary occurred after the cafe closed at 11:30 p.m. and before it opened the next morning at 5:30 a.m. The owner discovered the safe was missing upon arriving Monday morning, and called police.

The thief had pried open the front door and broken the dead bolt, police said. There was no alarm or security camera.

"We periodically have business burglaries during the night," said Sgt. Phillip Wisotsky. "It's not unusual."

But in Danville, home and auto burglaries far outnumber commercial ones, he said.

A key difference between commercial and residential burglaries is that commercial burglaries are usually planned ahead of time.

"For a business, typically you need to know that there's a safe on the premises ... or that there's merchandise that's unsecured that you have access to, or that there's an alarm," Wisotsky said. "You want to plan that."

Residential burglaries, on the other hand, are often crimes of convenience - a thief will see an unlocked house or car and make an impromptu decision to break in.

Police recommend that businesses use an alarm system and do periodic maintenance to make sure it's activated and working.

It is also advisable not to keep too much money inside a store overnight. If there is a safe on the premises, keeping it bolted down or connected to an alarm can help avoid a robbery.

--Meghan Neal


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