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Perspective - April 11, 2008


Asked at Yellow Wood Coffee & Tea in Alamo

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I would invest most of it but I would give a lot to charities such as churches and LPA (Little People of America). With the rest of it I would buy instruments because I am a musician.

David Ray


I would buy a house in Boston because I am going there for college and getting married.

Lilia Bulgucheva


I would buy a house, there's no other way to put it! Well, I'd also travel to Hawaii and help out my family.

Michael Fernandes


First thing would be to give 10 percent to the church. Then I would pay off my house, my parents' house and my parents-in-law's house. After that I would buy land and fancy cars and use the rest of it to start a nonprofit organization.

Trevor Williams

manager, Yellow Wood Coffee & Tea

It depends what day it is but today I would share it with my family and pay off my mortgage. Actually, forget the mortgage, I'd travel the world!

Suzy Meier



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