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Perspective - April 25, 2008


Asked on Hartz Avenue in Danville

What do you remember about your prom?

I remember the excitement of getting ready and being with friends and getting my outfit at Bebe on Union Street. It was a black skirt and a white top! Wow, it's all coming back to me!

Barbara Rogers

owner, The Body Adventure

Dang! I never went to my prom but I always wished I did. I missed out on what seems to be a really valuable experience. I do regret it, I really wish I went.

Joe King

personal trainer

Prom was cool because it was my first time ever getting all dressed up and being in a limo! It was somewhere in the city, and all of my best friends were with me.

Revita Saidian


Oh, gosh, my prom! Well, my boyfriend had been drafted so it was me and the girls. Our prom was at a bowling alley in El Cerrito in 1971. We had the whole bowling alley to ourselves to bowl and dance. I wore my little 1970's dress with big poofy hair. It was great!

Janet Smith

domestic engineer

Jonathan Briggs

I got lost going to dinner in San Francisco. I couldn't find the restaurant and was driving around the city thoroughly confused! Then I decided I didn't even want to take my date to prom so we went to dinner and a club instead. It was pretty lame.

pharmaceutical scientist