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Perspective - May 2, 2008

Let us know you want us

Some of our readers who have the Danville Weekly delivered at home will be getting a card in the next few weeks asking them to fill it out to formally request us. Please don't ignore this card - it means lower postage for us to pay.

We are celebrating our third anniversary this week. Our first issue came out Friday, May 6, 2005, and we mailed the newspaper free to every home in Danville, Alamo, Diablo and Blackhawk using standard postage rates. Then, after about a year, we ran a campaign for readers to specifically ask for the paper - still for free - so we could get our postage at the periodical rate.

When we sent out cards at that time, many thousands came flooding back so we qualified for the periodical rate and have been mailing the paper to those requestors, paying the lower postage price. But we would like to mail the paper to everyone at this rate, so if you get a card, please fill out the requestor form on our Web site - www.DanvilleWeekly.com. Postal auditors require that we have on file the full name, address and telephone number of each requestor in case they want to verify the names. Needless to say, we do not share the information with anyone else.

You can also request the paper by calling our office at 837-8300. And of course you can always come in person to visit us at 315 Diablo Road, Suite 100, right by the Danville Oak Tree. Also, each newspaper we mail out is accompanied by an address card. If you receive the Danville Weekly address card but no paper, definitely call and tell us so our circulation department can inform your post office.

The Danville Weekly is what is known as a subscriber/requestor newspaper. If you receive a card asking you to request us, please help us cut our costs by responding. Keep us coming right to your home - free!