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Perspective - May 2, 2008


Asked at the Danville Livery

What's the perfect age to be?

22 - because it's one year after you turn 21 so you can be stupid and do what you want and you're still young enough for your parents not to kick you out for being a bum.

Evan Halsey


40 - because it's right in the middle. You're not too old and you're not too young. It's the best of both worlds.

Kelly Robinson

hostess, Piatti's

19 - because you're considered an adult so there's more of a reason not to do anything stupid. But you can still do a lot and stay safe and if you don't … well, you're still on your parents' insurance so it's OK!

Rachel Castro


Oh, geez, there's so many. I loved being 23; that's when life opens up and you realize you didn't know as much before then. I also loved my 30s, they were great, and my 40s were fun because my children were young and it's so amazing to have that youthful spirit around you and watch them grow. Now at 53, I'm really happy and am enjoying my life a lot.

Rose Gaubert

thrill seeker

26 - because that's the age I picked and I'm sticking to it! Plus, that was a really good age for me. You're just stepping your foot into the world and have financial responsibilities for the first time. I had a lot of fun when I was 26, it was a fun time.

Camille Harrison

Realtor, Golden Hills Brokers