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Perspective - May 9, 2008

Letters to the editor

Beauty crisis

Dear Editor:

Thank you for your hilarious article ("Keeping Danville Beautiful," April 25) regarding the great Paraiso Drive beauty crisis. It reminds me of why I, a 53-year resident of Danville, reply when asked that I live "in the East Bay."

Kudos to Town manager Joe Calabrigo and Mayor Candace Andersen for their reasoned response. If one needs proof that beauty is alive and well in Danville, one need look no further than the work of Charlotte Canning's art students at Paraiso Drive's neighborhood school, covered in that same issue. Thank you for that excellent piece, as well.

PS: I hope Ms. Just isn't expecting "professional decorating" business from Dublin any time soon.

Linda Wilgus, Danville

Going green

Dear Editor:

My sixth-grade class at Charlotte Wood Middle School was reading a magazine called Time for Kids. We read an article about how a city got destroyed, so they rebuilt their city to be more "green." I was thinking maybe we can make Danville more green. I thought maybe the local newspaper could do something, like changing to a paper with at least 30 percent post-consumer waste, so we can save trees.

I'm a global warming freak, since I learned more about it. I would really appreciate it if you would do something to help global warming. I understand that this might not be possible. But thanks anyway for reading my e-mail.

Megan Lew, Danville

Editor's note: The Danville Weekly is printed on recycled paper using soy ink.

Summer lull

Dear Editor:

As the quiet of summer and conclusion of commentary on issues is upon us, neighbors throughout your readership region are starting to conclude that it has all been said, discussed and decided. Whether this is calm desired before the storm of the fall elections or simply too much consideration for the level of interest, the discussion is dwindling toward "summer vacation."

If we consider how intense the discussions in the Iron Horse Corridor have been in December through March, we can find equal lack of interest in further discussions starting with the beautiful days of April:

1. Interest in city governments is absent in most of your readership area and TRUST in such governments or proposed governments in beyond absent.

2. Concerns for TRAFFIC and other infrastructure issues are declining as gasoline reaches well beyond $4 per gallon.

3. Concerns for COMMUNITY have once again returned to neighborhoods and community is not attainable.

4. Concerns for ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT have moved to interested commercial participants and they now have guidelines from customers and neighbors to pursue their rejuvenation and expanded development in your readership region.

5. Concerns for LAND USE have become stalled by the lack of funding to achieve new construction and renovation.

6. Even concerns for schools are reduced to the actual costs of new parcel tax measures that simply do not warrant concerns.

7. Guy and Mary, as our supervisor choices, are looked upon as meaningless diversions and an uncontrollable result.

It is time for warm days and quiet neighbor-to-neighbor conversations. Everything else can wait until fall.

Joyous summer, everyone.

Hal Bailey, Alamo


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