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Community Pulse - May 9, 2008

Residential burglaries continue

Danville recently saw another spike in residential burglaries - four homes were broken into in four days, about two weeks ago.

Two of the break-ins occurred in the southern portion of town, where police held a neighborhood watch meeting in March to talk about the relatively high number of burglaries in the area.

Police hoped the meeting would assuage residents' fears and help slow the crimes by educating people about security.

The homes that were burglarized between April 28 and May 1 were located on Harlan Drive, Summer Hill, Crowridge Terrace and Garden Creek Place. Three of the four break-ins occurred in broad daylight.

As of the March 12 watch meeting there had been 15 home burglaries in Danville, about twice as many as there were at that same time last year.

Since then eight more break-ins have occurred throughout the town, according to police reports.

In a proactive approach to quell the crimes, police sent out special suppression teams to try to catch thieves before they could strike.

One three-day undercover mission resulted in four arrests, Lt. Mark Williams said.

Police strongly urge residents to lock their houses and cars, and consider investing in alarm systems for extra security.

--Meghan Neal


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