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Perspective - May 9, 2008


Asked at Sideboard Neighborhood Coffee House and Kitchen

What is your pet's name and why did you choose it?

I have a cat named David Bowie. Her name was Zoe at first but she started acting weird so we took her to the vet to see what was wrong with her. That's when the vet told us that Zoe was a Bowie and I was like, Bowie? David Bowie? So I named him David Bowie.

Kevin Sawicki

Wolfmaster in training

I named my cat Sheena after Sheena, Queen of the Jungle, but I call her Beans because when she's curled up in a ball she looks like a pot of beans and cheese. I named my other cat Picasso but I call him Blinkens because whenever he gets mad at me he blinks a lot.

Vanessa Rosmarino


Our dog's name is Martini because we love food and it seemed appropriate. And she is my teeney tiny beany weenie girl!

Erin Andrews

owner/chef, Sideboard

My dog's name is Sierra because we go snowboarding and skiing in the Sierra mountains during the winter.

Kayla Crawford

server, Sideboard

My dog's name is Puddles. I wanted to name him Pancho but my girlfriend wasn't having it so we picked names out of a hat and I picked Puddles. Everyone thinks we call him that because he weewees everywhere but that's not the reason his name is Puddles.

Matt Harmon



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Posted by really?
a resident of Del Amigo Continuation High School
on May 9, 2008 at 6:33 am

Kevin Sawicki, for real??? What you doin now?

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Posted by Oxymo Ron
a resident of another community
on May 10, 2008 at 7:21 am

Dear neighbors,

"I named my horse DUCK, but it is only a rumor I have a horse."

It is more a canard than an oxymoron, isn't it?


One HAL of a Pal