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Community Pulse - May 16, 2008

Teen assaults on the trail

Two San Ramon Valley High School students assaulted two fellow students on the Iron Horse Trail at 5:30 p.m. last Monday.

The suspects, both 16-year-old males, were walking the trail near Linda Mesa Avenue when they approached the victims, 17 and 18, also male, and asked if they had any money.

"The victims ignored the guy," said Lt. Mark Williams of the Danville police. So one of the suspects confronted the first victim again, punching him in the right eye.

"The victim's buddy intervened, trying to push the suspect off, at which time the suspect's buddy jumped in and punched him," Williams said.

The two suspects began walking away down the trail but were stopped by police. They were issued juvenile citations and released to their parents.

The four teens knew each other from school but had no other relationship, according to police. There was also no evidence, other than the suspect's initial request for money, that robbery was the motive. The suspects didn't steal anything from the victims.

"It was basically an unprovoked battery," said Williams. "The victims in this case were just that, they were victims. They had just finished school ... They were minding their own business when these two other kids approached them and battered them."

There were no major injuries. One of the victims had a bump above his eyebrow and a quarter-sized bruise on his cheek. The other had a bloody lip and a bruise under his eye. They were treated at the scene.

The suspects had criminal records so weren't eligible for the Danville Police Department's juvenile diversion program. They were cited to juvenile probation in Martinez.

--Meghan Neal