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Perspective - May 23, 2008

Letters to the editor

Stay the course

Dear Editor:

When you have an elected public servant who is willing to make tough decisions, you have a person of high integrity.

When you have an elected public servant who is willing to make tough decisions in an election year, you have a person of courage.

And when you have an elected public servant who is willing to make tough decisions in an election year CLOSE to the election, you have Mary


Everyone knows that Contra Costa County is in dire financial straits and we all know how it got that way. Now, more than ever, we need an experienced person on the County Board of Supervisors. Mary Piepho has constantly demonstrated that she is willing to make difficult choices and stand by them. Through her efforts and those of other board members, the county's financial situation has shown significant improvement. Much still needs to be done and in these financially difficult times, we should stay the course and re-elect Mary.

Steve Mick, Alamo

Read mailers closely

Dear Editor:

Guy Houston wants you ... well, sort of, Guy Houston want you ... to help him keep an elected seat until something else comes along. He wants to stay on the political payroll even though it is at your expense.

Houston has been up in Sacramento for almost six years (he is termed out) yet we seldom have heard from him. Now he wants to be our best friend and tell us about things he "supports" even though his tenure and leadership have fallen short ... way short. I cannot remember someone who chases headlines with such vigor!

Over the last month he has sent out several political mailers at our expense. Read them closely; they contain all talk and no action. Yes, this is right. He is using his current position in Sacramento and uses your money to send out mailers with his name on them. How does it feel to be used? Ever wonder why we were not receiving these before? It is because he did not need you. We don't need him either.

Merle Sanchez, San Ramon

Write in candidate

Dear Editor:

With Republicans mud wrestling for the Supervisor Belt in Contra Costa District 3, voters have a Democratic write-in choice, Steve Thomas a union electrician, Democratic Party activist who understands the concerns of working families.

At a time when supervisors will be wielding budget-cutting knives, Steve will stand up for the little guys, gals and their kids - county employees and retirees whose pensions or benefits are in jeopardy, home-owning families threatened by foreclosure, workers, unions, renters and those who care about the environment, schools, healthcare and quality of life. He is in no way beholden to corporate interests. That is why Steve will be a better supervisor than either Republican.

Please write in Steve Thomas for Supervisor, District 3. If no candidate receives 50 percent plus one vote then a run-off between the two highest vote-getters will take place in November at the General Election.

Ellis Goldberg, Danville