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Perspective - May 23, 2008


Asked at the Danville Public Library

Should we let politics influence the Olympics?

I would say yes because it is a way for countries to come together and show support for or against other countries. I would also say no because sports is the one thing that brings people of different lifestyles together.

Lori McClain

hairstylist, Making Waves Hair Salon

No, I don't think they should let politics influence the Olympics. The Olympics is about your athletic ability, not your political standing. When I watch the Olympics I don't want to see any politics involved.

Thomas Nevin

customer relations, AT&T

I think no because the Olympics was originally made to be an escape from politics. It's supposed to be an international community that represents athletes and their abilities.

Katie Donovan


No, because the Olympics is about individuals fulfilling their potential in competing against world athletes. They are there to represent the countries. My brother's father-in-law competed in the 1950s for water polo and he just went to Australia to compete again at 70 years old! He should be seen for his athletic talent, not anything political.

Sarah Caloun


No, they should not involve politics! The Olympics is a safe haven for communication as a whole; it lets the world come together. It sucks to see that, once again, politics are dictating the outcome.

Cameron Menler