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Cover Story - May 30, 2008

Art bash

Design a personal Open Studios tour to see artists in action

by Dolores Fox Ciardelli

Do artists really wear berets, drink wine while they work, and keep frenzied hours? Find out by taking yourself on an Open Studios tour next weekend.

"This is a unique experience . . . an opportunity to really connect with local artists," said Tracy Bauer, spokeswoman for the Alamo Danville Artists' Society.

The event begins with the Downtown Opening Gala on Friday evening at the Danville Community Center to preview the art, meet some of the 80-plus participating artists, and pick up a map of the studios. There will also be light fare from Bridges, Faz and Amber, and wine from Livermore Valley vineyards, as well as live music on the bandstand by Black Pearl Project.

"As you are munching away, you can browse the art," said Bauer. "It's a great opportunity for a quick nosh and a glass of wine before you kick off the weekend or the rest of the evening."

Town mayors and dignitaries will be in attendance, and educators were personally invited because sales commissions from the weekend go to the school district's art programs.

Then it's two days of Open Studios - a chance for folks to meander to venues of their own choosing throughout Alamo, Danville and San Ramon to visit artists in their workspaces, 25 locations in all.

"That's the beauty of the preview," said Bauer. "People can go and narrow down the focus and customize their tour for themselves."

It's the 14th year for the annual event, which was begun by ADAS and co-sponsored by the Town of Danville. This year the San Ramon Arts Foundation has signed on as a co-sponsor and done a lot of the organization, said Bauer, plus the event now has eight business sponsors, twice as many as last year. Also Open Studios' reputation precedes it and more artists have chosen to take part.

"Last year was such a big success that we had a lot of people saying, 'How did I miss out on that?'" Bauer said. "They were queued up."

Many of the studios are in people's homes but there are three public venues: the Danville Community Center next to the library on Front Street; the San Ramon Community Center on Alcosta and Bollinger Canyon Road; and the Danville Town Meeting Hall, 201 Front St.

"We are offering them as a convenience since some of the artists live off the map or work in spaces that can't welcome the public," said Bauer.

Even in the community centers, the artists will be doing demonstrations or otherwise helping visitors understand the process of creating their works of art.

"It isn't just a fair or festival," Bauer emphasizes. It's a chance to see artists at work and visit with them.

Bauer is sure people will enjoy seeing the studios on the second floor of the Pioneer Art Gallery on Hartz Avenue.

"It's so hilarious the things people have done with their unique spaces," she said. "Customized walls and floors - it's a creative space."

Alamo portrait artist Beth Batchelor, who co-founded ADAS with Ida Fareese, is hosting other artists at her Lanai Artists' Studio Workshop, as well as opening up her studio.

"Adult students will be working on their own art work at one end and children will be seated around a table drawing and painting with instructional demonstrations," Batchelor explained.

She will also sketch onsite pastel likenesses of people and pets.

"They are heirlooms," she said.

And she is planning a children's art chalk-athon on both Saturday and Sunday.

It all begins Friday evening at the gala.

"We're suggesting party attire so it should be a nice, swingin' thing," said Bauer.

Artists in action

What: Open Studios Tour

When: 10 a.m.-5 p.m., Saturday-Sunday, June 7-8

Where: 25 locations; maps available at preview exhibit or at

Opening gala: 6:30-9 p.m., Friday, June 6; Danville Community Center, 420 Front St.

Forget your map? Call the hotline to find out where to get another one: 314-3470

Visit the artists


9537 Sandpoint Drive, San Ramon

Mark Ballock

Elena Ballock


573 Morninghome Road, Danville

John Barry

Noel Williams


3012 Sandstone Road, Alamo

Beth Batchelor

Tom Lemmer

Catherine Lindberg

Alan Ryall


524 Hartz Ave., Danville

Inge Behrens

Bill Carmel

Melinda Kahler

Cheryl Lawson

Karla Schreffler

Darlene Sochan


236 Waterman Circle, Danville

Sally Ann Belsche

Martha Kean

Evelyn Marvin


201 Front St., Danville

Steven Bloom

Gina Kaiper

Jo-Lynn Mull

Ann Saavedra

Tom Taneyhill


361 Castle Crest Road

Joe Bologna

Peter Coffee

Annie Trouve

Brian Wilson


38 Augusta Court, Alamo

Betty Brandt


499 Highland Drive, Danville

Diana Busse

Christopher Ellingson

Kasia Kessler

Diane Pruett


691 Adobe Drive, Danville

Helena Cali

Pauline Cortez

Susan Dennis


12501 Alcosta, San Ramon

Toni Carpenter

Katie Caulk

Holly Consol

Joanna Crawshaw

Suzanne Hull Crosthwait

Glenyse Henschel

Sherri Kelcourse

Peggy Krusee

Amy Leung

Barbara Nagel

Wendy Oliver

Nan Rachlin

Pari Ram

Linda Ryan

Elizabeth Saucier

Linda Smith

Antonia Wennink

Lily Xu

Jan Zeigler


3169 Miranda Ave., Alamo

Angela Cheng

Gwen Harris

Wanda Kemper

Bill Riley

Stephen Sanfilippo

Sandra Speights

Charles White


424 Shirlee Drive, Danville

Kay Collins

Ed Derge

Linda Schenck


2688 Marsh Drive, San Ramon

Sadie Cumins

Ann Testa

Linda Yoshizawa


636 Brookside Drive, Danville

Don Eagling

Catherine Fasciato

Bill Gwynne

Lin Padden


234 Montair Drive, Danville

Tricia Grame


395 Love Lane, Danville

Bev Harrington


1923 Green Valley Road, Alamo

Walter Krane


2450 Palmira Place, San Ramon

Cynthia Lait


111 Southview Lane, Alamo

Linda Nearon


132 Leona Court, Alamo

Norman Nicholson

Helen Westcott


67 Hazelnut Court, San Ramon

Janet Crampton Pipes

Diane Rodriguez

Norma Webb


409 Triomphe Court, Danville

Robin Purcell


120 E. Prospect Lane, Danville

Barbara Davies

Joan Lauinger

Betty Rothaus


62 Milano Court, Danville

Diane Ringwood