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Perspective - May 30, 2008

Every vote counts

We are told it is important for everyone to vote in every election but of course the reality is that the fewer people who vote, the more important each vote is. In this election especially, campaigners are targeting individual voters who agree with their issue, to get out the votes for one side or the other.

Tuesday's election, June 3, may not be of consequence on the national scene but it is vital locally. Candidates are running for Contra Costa County District 3 Supervisor, as well as in the primaries for the 15th Assembly District. In the supervisor race, a third write-in candidate could prevent the other two from winning a 50 percent majority, which would mean a runoff between the two in November. This may be important for some voters so they can have another five months to inform others about the frontrunners; of course that also means another slew of negative campaigning. Also primary elections are being held by both parties for State Assembly District 15 to see who will run in November.

Individual votes are especially important in voting for or against Measure D, a parcel tax for the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. The current parcel tax was approved four years ago, but that was only after a failed attempt in November 2003. In that election, 29,335 voters - 43.9 percent of those registered - went to the polls; 19,134 voted Yes for the Measure and 10,076 voted No. So the end results were 65.5 percent Yes and 34.5 percent No, on a measure that requires a two-thirds vote to pass, a heart-breaking loss for the Yes campaigners and a major victory for the No contingent.

On the state ballot, Propositions 98 and 99 are proposing changes in the laws about eminent domain. Surely voters will want to make their voices heard on this important issue, too.

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