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Perspective - May 30, 2008


Asked at Yellow Wood Coffee & Tea in Alamo

How will the high price of gas influence you this summer?

I just drove here from Alabama and it cost me almost a thousand dollars in gas so I'll definitely have to start riding my bike more and carpooling to try and save gas money. And I'll have to spend less money on clothes!

Meagan Gibson


The high gas prices have already influenced me a lot. I can't take any trips that I was going to take, and my family isn't coming to see me either! My mom drives a diesel truck so she can't afford to come down here. I just had to buy a hybrid because I commute to work. Gas price is severely limiting what I can do and is having an effect on my work because I can't afford to come in and help out on my days off anymore.

Dawn Leverett

manager, Yellow Wood

This summer? It already has. I'm on my way to Shasta right now for work and the cost of gas to get there is going to kill me! It's severely limiting my ability to do my job. This summer, I was going to go to Austin, Texas, to visit my brother but I'm definitely going to have to rethink that!

Keith Copas

International Man of Intrigue alpha music

It will make my family and I think more about cost before jumping in the car to go on road trips. I'm going to have to do a lot more carpooling and BART rides. I'm supposed to go to Seattle and Lake Tahoe this summer, but we'll have to really think about that. We were supposed to go to L.A., too, but we'll probably take the train.

Janet Gibson

loving mother/housewife

It will discourage me from taking any road trips like I would have liked. I would have liked to go to Santa Barbara but instead I'll just stay here and try to find exciting things to do close to home, which could be a challenge.

Claire McCarty



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