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Perspective - June 6, 2008

Letters to the editor

Canine solution

Dear Editor:

After reading the article in the May 30 Danville Weekly regarding the problems with the grass in the Canine Corral, I have THE solution. It's an artificial grass made specifically for dogs called "K9 Grass" (www.K9Grass.com). It is dense and well designed to withstand the rigors of dog traffic and only needs water to hose it off occasionally. It is used by many kennels/vet clinics and several dog parks in the South Bay.

We have installed K9 grass in half of our dog run and our dogs love it. They use it just as they would real grass but with no wear and tear and it looks great! I kept half the run in pea gravel and this area seems to satisfy my "diggers."

While K9 grass was not cheap to install, it solved the watering issue, the mud in the winter issue and the maintenance issue. It's a dream to keep clean and looks great.

Perhaps a combination of the two different surfaces - K9 grass and pea gravel - would delight the pickiest dog.

Lucretia Marcus, Alamo

An encounter

Dear Editor:

I did a little electioneering at the Farmers Market on the Saturday before the elections. I set up a table with some pamphlets and two signs: NO on D. You still can show those in Danville if you are present.

After a while I went to Lunardi's for a cup of coffee. I returned just in time to see an unkempt man tearing down my signs. I told him: "Keep your cotton-picking hands off those signs, my fascist friend." His response: "You're calling me a fascist? I am a Vietnam veteran." Then I understood why we lost that war.

Vlado Bevc, Danville


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