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Perspective - June 6, 2008

On to November

The ballots are in; the votes are counted. Now we look forward to the November general election.

The Democrats predictably chose Joan Buchanan to run for the State Assembly District 15 seat being vacated by Guy Houston, due to term limits, while the Republicans chose San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson to run against her. It will be interesting to hear more about candidates Buchanan, a longtime school board member, and Wilson between now and November and what they plan to do in Sacramento. They are both seasoned local politicians who have represented their constituents well.

We like to think the campaigns for District 15 Assembly will avoid the ugliness that went on via mailers slamming opponents of the two candidates for the District 3 supervisor seat, incumbent Mary Nejedly Piepho, who won 53 percent of the vote, and Guy Houston.

Political persuasions also are bound to enter the November race. As of March, District 15 was 38.7 percent Democrats; 39.1 percent Republicans; and 18.5 percent declined to state. Hopefully, the battle for the undeclared will focus on the strengths of the contenders. The 11th District Congressional race will also be a hot one, as Republican Dean Andal of Stockton fights to unseat incumbent U.S. Rep. Jerry McNerney of Pleasanton.

Voter turnout was dismal for Tuesday's election, at 29 percent for Contra Costa County. Campaign workers reported hearing from potential voters that they thought the primaries had already been held in February, when the presidential primaries were held.

November's turnout will undoubtedly be large as people cast their votes for the next President of the United States. Although the presidential campaign will probably be no holds barred, we expect that our two Assembly candidates will focus on their own attributes.