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Newsfront - June 13, 2008

Danville passes $25.8 million budget

Town plans to spend $372,000 less than in 2007-08

by Dolores Fox Ciardelli

The Danville Town Council passed its 2008-09 budget at its meeting last week, which came in at $25.8 million. This is $372,000 below last year's budget, reported Mayor Candace Andersen.

"We have not cut back any services," she said at her monthly Mayor's Morning held Friday.

Town Manager Joe Calabrigo said the town cut costs by making some staff changes. For instance, the Police Department's youth officer position will be filled by a civilian staff person rather than a sworn officer. In the building department, the town has hired an inspector rather than contracting the services. These two changes will save $120,000.

Danville operates as a limited service town, contracting or privatizing up to two-thirds of services provided, he explained.

"We also had a one-time expenditure in the '07-'08 budget for converting our old software to new software," Calabrigo said.

Utility costs are projected to increase by 12 percent overall in 2008-09. The budget includes $250,000 to offset increased water rates and staff time to deal with the town's irrigation systems. This is 40 percent of the town's annual water budget.

The financial plan appropriated $6.3 million to its Capital Improvement Program for the next year. The Town Council recommended that $5 million be appropriated for the Veterans Memorial Building project to be used along with the $3 million pledged by veterans' groups to complete the renovation of the 1925 downtown building.

Operating revenues for 2008-09 are projected at $28. 4 million.

The town keeps $7.5 million in reserve to deal with contingencies, Andersen noted.

"We like to keep our reserves at 29 to 30 percent," she said.

The town sends out its Annual Report with financial details to every resident after the fiscal year ends in June, said Andersen.

People with questions or who want to hear monthly updates are invited to the Mayor's Morning, which is held at 7:30 a.m. the first Friday of each month at Father Nature's restaurant on Prospect Avenue. Next month it will be held July 11. It is free and open to the public.