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Perspective - June 13, 2008

Letters to the editor

Poisoned comments

Dear Editor:

Local politics aside, I was incensed to read the June 6 letter to the editor, "An Encounter." You allowed your respected weekly paper to include comments both racist "...cotton-picking hands..." and rude. The comments about why we lost the Vietnam War were not only specifically disrespectful to the vet in Mr. Bevc's letter, but also disrespectful to U.S. veterans of all wars. Regardless of our individual position on any war, these men and women deserve our respect for their service. It's disheartening that you allowed your paper to spread Mr. Bevc's poisoned comments to other readers.

Letters to the editor should be supported with facts to spark intelligent discussion rather than elicit an emotional response to immaterial things like racist and unsupported comments. Mr. Bevc could have expressed his specific views without the racist comment and perhaps provided more detail on explaining how we lost the Vietnam War.

Diane Stevenson, Alamo


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