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Perspective - June 13, 2008


Asked at Love Lane in Danville

San Ramon Valley class of 2008: What will you miss most about high school?

The No. 1 thing will be high school football. The camaraderie of the team, the bonds and relationships built through it and the memories involved and created within it.

Daniel Smithwick

I'm going to miss the spirit on our campus and the awesome events they put on for us! But most of all I am going to miss all of my friends.

Priscilla Opferman

All of the extracurricular activities, especially the football games. I love dressing up in spiritwear and getting ready to go out to them with all of my friends.

Courtney King

I'm going to miss all of my close friends. They really helped to shape me into the person I have grown to be today.

Pat Sorsin

Being in the locker room an hour before a game and getting ready to complete a common goal with my closest friends.

Harmon Bruno