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Cover Story - June 13, 2008

Techno grads

This ain't their parents' world - or even their older sister's

by Meghan Neal

What's the first thing today's "techno-grads" do when they find out they got into the college of their choice? Why, update their Facebook status of course!

With a click of the mouse you officially belong to the "UC Berkeley Class of 2012," network - then it's time to start scoping out all the people you're connected to.

As you surf the site a blog may pop up asking, "Need to find a roommate?" at which point you can handpick a future roommate based on the likes and dislikes listed in people's online profiles. Sociology major? Check. Favorite movie is "Juno?" Check. Prone to stay up 'til 3 and wake up at noon? Check and check.

It's a match made in cyber-heaven.

Today's grads hail from a high-tech culture that's uber-connected and super-social. From the application process to making new friends once freshman year rolls around, technology has changed the transition from high school to college at each step of the way.

Snail mail to CommonApp

Even the graduation ceremony in the new millennium looks a lot different than it used to. As proud grads walk across the stage to receive their diplomas, family members in the audience will hold up cell phones so cousins halfway around the world can experience the occasion.

Loved ones who can't physically attend graduation can still experience it "viscerally," said Armand Domalewski, a Monte Vista High School graduate who's been attending Diablo Valley College for the last year and plans to go to Santa Clara University. That's because the people videotaping and snapping photos will post them online or mass e-mail them out almost immediately.

Communication is so heightened it's almost taken on a life of its own. A simple "Hi" can be said with a phone call, text message, e-mail, IM (instant message), Facebook message or comment posted on someone's profile.

What does this mean for the college application process? In a word: competition.

"Not only is the pool of people applying bigger, they apply to more schools and they're better at it," Domalewski said.

Online applications are without a doubt easier than the old-school longhand and snail mail way. Tools like CommonApp, a one-size-fits-all standardized application, can shave even more time off the process. Suddenly it's not unreasonable for students to be applying to five, 10 or 20 colleges at a pop.

Trouble is, the more applicants there are the harder it is for students to get into the schools; and the harder it is to get in, the more schools they apply to, to be sure they're accepted somewhere.

"There are so many applications, the college admissions officer might have bad coffee that morning, look at your application, and decide he doesn't like you," said Domalewski.

Candy Jewett, who works at San Ramon Valley High School's career center, said students will apply to an extra four or so schools just to be safe.

There are still the safe schools and the reach schools, but there's also the "really reach" and the "extremely safe," schools, said MVHS senior Elena Wible. She applied to 10 schools, herself.

"My mom, she says, she would not be able to do this," Wible said. "And my dad too."

"My parents, they grew up without computers or typewriters," Domalewski said. "The whole process of college applications is a complete mystery to them."

It used to be schools would choose you. High schools would send out lists of graduates and top students would be recruited.

In the 1970s when Jewett graduated, people didn't worry about getting accepted to college, she said. She applied to just one school - the one closest to home. Nowadays, advances in technology have helped transcend geographical borders, broadening students' choices.

"Normally we don't go traveling to see college towns unless you really, really want to see them," she said. But through virtual tours, prospective students can see the campus, its dorm rooms, bathrooms, closets and get a feel for the school as if they were actually there.

The downside is that too much choice can be debilitating, said Jewett. There's a lot of stress that comes with trying to narrow the options and, eventually, pick that perfect school to attend.

Do today's grads really have it easier than their parents did? Online resources like and help make students' applications stronger and better. But, as Domalewski pointed out, "Every edge you get, everybody else gets."

Social networking your way to college

Facebook, now a social networking phenomenon, was named after the paper books of pictures and names that colleges and prep schools used to make to help incoming students get to know people on campus.

Today the Web site serves a similar purpose, but with 70 million users all over the world and a whole new level of interaction that's redefining socialization.

Facebook has recently replaced MySpace as "the" social networking site. Each member belongs to a school or geographic network, for example, "San Diego State" or "The Bay Area." Members can also take it a step further by joining specific groups.

The groups are one of the site's most popular features and a crucial one for grads. There are groups for just about every college or university, as well as specific majors, clubs, dorms, student unions, sports teams, classes, alumni and activities.

"So you can establish friends in social networks before you even get there, which makes it a lot easier," Domalewski said.

Monte Vista High School even has a Facebook group for this year's graduates. It's called "Where's MV off to next year?" Wible said she's spotted a few students in the group who will be going to San Francisco State University in the fall like she is. She plans to contact them over the summer.

"I definitely think it's going to be so much easier coming in if you already know people," she said.

The site is also changing the face of an age-old relationship: the one every student has with their freshman-year roommate.

Many schools now let students choose their roommates by browsing Facebook profiles, like shopping online for a pair of shoes that look nice and you hope will fit.

This can help avoid the disastrous scenario of two people with competing political or moral ideologies stuck sharing a room, students say.

"I have talked to plenty of seniors throughout the last couple years who have said, 'Hey, this is great,'" said SRVHS Principal Joseph Ianora. "They can chat back and forth, they can see their likes and dislikes, what their interests are. We didn't have that.

"A lot of these kids go to big campuses - you know, 25,000 students or more - and now you can put a name and a face together. So you've sort of almost made a friend before college even starts. And I think that's helpful. I think that reduces the stress and the anxiety around going to a new campus."

The high school's head counselor, Craig Ritts, said he's heard the same opinion from students.

"Particularly for a brand new freshman going to school, that's a very important piece - fitting in with their roommate and feeling comfortable," he said. "And I think that's very, very good."

Behind a computer screen

Social networking certainly makes it easier to stick like with like, but is that always a good thing? Isn't there something to be gained by meeting people who challenge what you're used to? Isn't that the point of going to college?

"There's something kind of fun about meeting someone for the first time and having to go through the process of getting to know them in person, and not on the computer by looking at their profile," said SRVHS senior Katharine O'Hara, who writes the Danville Weekly's teen column, "The 411."

She worries that personal, face-to-face interaction could become a thing of the past. Learning how to meet and interact with others is a skill people use throughout their lives, she said, and college is a great place to hone that skill.

"I feel like it's almost robbing kids of something," she said. "I feel like there's something almost beneficial to getting through that awkward, mucky stage."

Not all students use social networking as a tool for making new friends, though. Some say its greatest benefit is in keeping in touch with old ones.

The comfort of having high school friends just a click away can smooth the often-rocky transition to college - especially for kids traveling far from home.

Wible, for instance, said although she's a little nervous to leaveher old friends behind, "with this I don't even really worry about it 'cause we'll be able to see each other every day with Facebook."

Chris Carter, a grad night coordinator for SRVHS and the father of a graduating senior, pointed out that by making it easier to stay in touch with high school friends, social networking can keep shyer kids from having to get out there and meet new people.

"You stay within that comfort zone of people who you already know," he said.

But Domalewski argues that if someone's prone to be antisocial, they're going to stay that way regardless of advances in technology. Same with someone that's more gregarious.

"There's certain things that don't change no matter how much technology changes. They change only if the people themselves change," he said. "You can't just point the finger at technology, because people make decisions."

What does the future hold?

The grandparents and parents of techno-grads could never have foreseen how the Internet would change the future, and it's similarly hard to predict the challenges the next generation of grads will face.

From an academic standpoint, will the pool of applicants get so big that schools only accept .01 percent of hopeful students? From a social standpoint, will young people experience a communication breakdown as they forget how to interact in person?

Many wonder if next-generation grads will experience college in the traditional setting we know today. Ritts predicts the answer is no; he thinks the college experience will completely change as online courses become more and more popular.

"A lot of students are attending college now without attending college," he said. "They actually won't sit in the classroom, they won't sit on the campus itself, they won't listen to lectures... Their whole experience of college may be entirely different."

Principal Ianora said the concept worries him, too, though he can see the pros and cons of such a future. Being able to work from home whenever there's time in the schedule makes it more convenient to learn, but he worries it could come at the expense of personal interaction.

"I don't know exactly where we're headed," he said. "The students now are way more advanced on the computer than we were. I don't know what the future holds. They'd probably be able to tell you a little better."


The following students were scheduled to graduate from Monte Vista High:

Shireen Nicole Abdollahi

Akram Naser AbouKhalil

Jason Rey Adajar

Daniel Bruce Adams

Samantha Dianne Adams

Clare Adrien

Arfa Ahmed

Sara R. Alamo

Stacey Elizabeth Alberti

Sarim Khalid Ali

Amani Bassam Alkowni

Alyse Yasamin Allain

James Curtis Allen

Jeffrey James Allen

Lauren Kristine Allen

Mackenzie Leigh Allen

Taraneh Aminian

Lauren Anderson

Olivia Lauren Anderson

Alexis Mary Angelelo

Rachel Katharine Ash

Isabelle Jeanette Askanas

Ian Maxwell Attard

Raquel Norma Avers

Elizabeth Marie Azevedo

Manuel A. Baca

Kimberly Marie Bachelor

Arya Ali Bahmanyar

Samia Ali Baig

Justin Lee Bañaga

Bryan Frank Banducci

Chelsea Maria Barnes

Brad Anthony Barney

Kathleen Fallon Barry

Daniel Kevin Bartz

Anthony John Basilio

Kimberly Rachel Batten

Luca Pasqua Battistini

Samantha Jean Becker

Alexander Ralph Odell Beckman

Christopher James Beltran

Nadia Leila Benaouda

Ryan Michael Benito

Ali Lester Ellington Benjamin

Brett Michael Bennett

William Paul Bennett

Sarah Margaret Bergsten

Maryam Beria

Marc Matthew Berkowitz

Andrew George Bertolotti

Evita Brateel Betpera

Mihir P. Bhatt

Subrina I. Bhuiyan

Cole Stamm Bianchini

Kathryne Elizabeth Bihl

Christopher Jamal Bismillah

Nicholas James Bizzack

Justin Thomas Blair

Hayley Linn Blake

Jordan Travis Blancarte

Alan Simon Bocanegra

Ye-Bean Bock

Jeffrey Clinton Bode

Chelsea Ana Boland Rashoff

Marielle Celis Bolano

Vincent Paul Boragno

Justin Steven Boulton

Tiana Connolly Bouma

Danielle Marissa Bowler

Tyler Davis Breen

Christopher Aaron Brooks

Georgina Danielle Brown

Jillian Paige Brown

Amy Beth Rucker

Ryan Lee Budge

Michael Buesa

Deanna Burkhammer

Berlin Michelle Burkhart

Shelby Lynn Burman

Vincent John Butera

Gabriel R. Calara

Christina Lauren Caldaron

Ellen Christine Campbell

Kevin Andrew Campbell

Megan Canales

Bryan Scott Carpentier

Alexandra Caitlyn Carr

Shaunice Alexandra Casabonne

David Mark Casper

Thomas Matthew Casson

Kevin Victa Castillo

Anna Christina Caton

Chelsea Anna Chandler

Albert Hong Chang

Craig Hanyuan Chang

Jeffrey Chang

Jonathan Robert Chau

Harshvardhan Chawla

Dustin Quach Che

Michael Chao-Sean Chen

Richard Lee Chen

Shannon Nicole Cheng

Wesley Ho-Yin Cheng

Nikhil Chetal

Kevin Michael Chin

Kimberly Jean Chin

Leanne Yen Chou

Jillian Marie Christopher

Kristina Yee Chu

Kelli-Jean Zen-Ling Chun

Matthew Jînîl Chung

Michelle Chung

Matthew Scott Clements

Joseph John Coble

Ashleigh Elizabeth Coe

Loni Leilihua Coelho

Dustin Michael Coldren

Alexandra Markus Coleman

Shaun Patrick Collins

Jessica Lauren Conflitti

Hayley Anne Cook

Bradley James Coons

Jacqueline Alyssa Coquia

Ryan Patrick Corbett

Stephanie Nicole Cordes

Erik Jordan Cordova

Emilio Hoffmann Corpus

Gary Justin Croshal

Jessica Danene Crossley

Kevin Leonard Crowe

Christopher Benjamin Damonte

Sarah Daqiq

Gopika Dasari

Evan James Davies

Emily Elizabeth Davis

Brian Christopher Aton de la Cruz

Kyle Michael DeGoey

Luis Angel Delgado

Alyssandria Elizabeth DeMarinis

Tyler John Deming

Andrew Michael Desser

Kyle William Dever

Stefen Christopher Dobrec

Logan Edward Dodson

Michelle Lynn Dollé

Luis Miguel Domingo

Demetra Leslie Donnelly

Matthew James Dordevic

Chandni Dosaj

Timo Dreismann

Melvin Yueyang Du

Trevor James Duchi

Jeune Lorraine Dulfer

Morgane Lorraine Dulfer

James Michael Dunbar

Sean William Dunning

Andrea Karen Econome

Abigail Patricia Edwards van Muijen

Elizabeth Nickerson Eid

Bridget Sailaq Eldred

Katherine Mae Elliott

Kyle Chase Elliott

Omar Elwishahi

Sherif Mohamed Elzarka

Samantha Elizabeth Epperson

Reanna Karim Esmail

Briana Rose Fahmie

Kristin Thiel Falk

Christina Faryabi

Maverick Fattahi

Brian Justin Fattig

Rebecca Louise Fay

Lauren Bianca Fazio

Diane Fazli

Cameron Shea Fenley

Taylor Jane Fisher

Joshua Michael Fishman

Michael Ryan Fleming

Elena Anjeanette Fleury

Crystal Regina Florida

Brett Alexander Fontaine

David Matthew Foos

Nicholas Anthony Forth

Stuart Michael Fountain

Tyler Alexander Franklin

Katie Danielle Fredrickson

Meaghan Marie Freemon

Candace Darra Freitas

Emma Serio Friedenberg

Lee Serio Friedenberg

Damien Michael Friesen

Stephanie Paige Fujihara

Amanda Mei Keiko Fujii

Miranda Corin Fung

Jacqueline Olivia Galasso

William Patrick Gallagher

Ashley Brooke Ganem

Nicholas Giovanni Garcia

Alyssa Nicole Garis

Miles Troy Gaspar

Miles Silvera Gaydos

Jack Hsu Gedney

Erica Lin Gee

Jordan Andrew Gehr

Julia Marie Geller

Mariana Aphrodite Gerontides

Hamasseh Ghabi

Bahadur Singh Ghataorhe

Lauren Michelle Gillespie

Samuel H. Glasman

Sarah Elizabeth Glenn

Danielle Kristen Glennon

Max Tonio Goeb

Paulo Woodrow Goeb

Yannick Loudon Goeb

Tyler David Goldman

Melanie Chelsea Graham

Nicholas Aaron Greenwald

Patrick Michael Gregory

Dylan C. Griese

Kevin Michael Griffin

Kimberly Marie Groezinger

Samuel William Grossman, Jr.

Jennifer E. Gummere

Brittany Gutierrez

Rebecca Ann Haberl

Nathan G. Hahn

Samantha Jean Hale

Shane James Hale

Michael David Hall

Jeffrey Thomas Hallock

Jared David Halpert

Alexander Louis Harris

Dustin Michael Harris

Ryan Anthony Harris

Michelle Anne Harrison

Sumati Raj Hasani

Maryam Hassan

Jason J. Hateley

Bryan Judson Haupt

Brenden Michael Hawke

Nicole MacKenzie Haygood

James Tejin Haytko

Nousha Hefzi

Addison Anthony Heimann

John Michael Heiting

Kelsey Lu Helgesen

Tyler David Hensley

Jonathan E. Heritage

Michael Joseph Hess

Molly B. Hester

Tarryn Rebecca Hicks

Jonathan William Higginbotham

Hayden Scott Higgins

Kelsey Patricia Hilton

Kristen Rose Hines

Tiffany Y. Hiramine

Rebecca Ann Hirsch

Kevin Thomas Hitch

Lauren Elizabeth Ho

Rachel Joy Horn

Stephen Douglas Howes

Chu Jane Hsiao

Yili Huang

David Alexander Huckabone

Adam Bailey Hugens

Kristin Michelle Hugo

Jessica Marie Hunt

Andrew Reed Hutchinson

Marc Anthony Ibarra

Martin Xavier Ignacio

Anagha Srikanth Iyengar

Jhia Louise-Nicole Jackson

Benjamin Andrew James

Elizabeth Nichole Jaros

Shoaib Ahmad Jawaid

Jazzelle Vellido Jazmin

Nicholas Alan Jefferies

Jennifer Renee Jeha

Marisa N. Jeha

Erin Christine Jennings

Sara Lynn Breton Jensen

Matthew Gregory Jew

Rachelle Claire Jo

Chelsea Michelle John

Bo Richard Johnson

Riley Donald Johnson

Spenser Dirk Johnson

Tessa Ann Johnson

Bradley E. Jones

Courtney Brooke Jones

Dani Khalil Joudi

Kevin Tarun Jubbal

Stephanie Michaela Jue

Jacquelyn Nicole Jung

Alanna Rachel Kahn

Rachel Rebecca Kahn

George Bishoy Kaldas

Leah Paula Kaminsky

Bhavik Ramesh Kanzaria

Srikar Karempudi

Mara Jane Karleskind

Gregory August Kasin

Sarah Brittany Kaufman

Debra Kerachi

Jibran Naufil Khan

Charles J. Kim

Soo Jin Kim

Kathleen Michelle Kimball

Alexandria Ann Kiser

Jonathan Ervin Klein

Kristin Anne Kleinberg

Heather Anne Kliegman

Brittany L. Klooster

Sheila Marie Kocelj

Kristina Marie Koshak

Justin Michael Kruljac

Jarrett Walsh Krumrei

Jonathan Peter Kui

Dannon Alexandra Kuiper

Marilyn Francine Kushnick

Aaron Adrian Kwong

Jerome Tuan La

Vu Tuan La

Mark D. Larsen

Lauren Ann Lascala

Renee Rose Lau

Athena Rae Lawson

Francesca Claire LeBreton

Michael Charles Lederer

Carson Tun-Shan Lee

Christine Jane Lee

Elaine Eunha Lee

Heabin Lee

Jayme Lee

Julian Lee

Michael Andrew Lee

Michelle Shan Lee

Ryan W. Lennox

Cody Michael Letasse

Sabrina Yvonne Leu

Patrick Kam Leung

Daniel Li

Richard Jay Li

Shirley Liao

Andrew Yoyo Lin

Catherine Eileen Lin

Christopher Ling

Anna Elizabeth Lingel

Eric T. Little

Joshua Liu

Rachel Christine Longhurst

Brittany Leigh Lopes

Filip Manuel Lopes

Caitlin Alison Losi

Brian Yee Louie

Alexandra Paige Lowe

Victor Yue-Cheng Lu

Katelyn Anne Ludwig

Jon Henry Luebbert

Kristina Lynn Luecht

Joelle Marr Luedeke

Rebecca Erin Lukens

Justin Gene Lum

Ariana Luna

Scott Thomas Lyman

Bianca Rose Macaluso

Paolo Miguel Lupisan Macarandang

Rachel Anne MacDonald

Katherine Elizabeth MacDougall

Brian Thomas Mackey

Jaclyn Eryn Mabagos Magbitang

Matthew Kendrick Mahoney

Kelsey Nicole Maida

Marisa Lauren Mallett

Nikita Russell Malone

Holly Christine Mariella

Hannah Jo Marsala

Kalie Joy Marsh

Jennifer Nicole Martin

Nicole Ann Martin

Andrew Paul Martino

David Woodson Mason

Tyler Edward Mason

Moniza Masud

Clinton Kile McAdams

Andrew Jon McAllister

Josephine Elyse McCann

Ian Curtis McCaul

Shane McElley

Du'Mauriea Leon McGee

Matthew James McGinn

Caroline Alyssa McGrath

Katherine Elizabeth McGuire

Yuyang John Mei

Landon O. Meyer

Anina Palmira Middleton

Michelle Gabrielle Miller

William Chase Miller

Neal Curran Mirchandani

Ryan Niel Mix

Shalaya Asal Mohaghegh-Yazdi

James Edward Moody

Jennifer Ruth Moore

Marisa Nicole Moore

Richard Bruce Moore, Jr.

Gregory N. Morasco

Melissa Deann Morazan

Alexis Jade Morgan-Uffens

Donald Oliver Morgenson

Samer Joseph Mosis

Karl Edward Moura

Amira Kathleen Mourad

Natalie Moyal

Bryan Thomas Mulvihill

Courtney Nicole Muniz

Kevin Wesley Naas

Dauood M. Naimyar

Luis Roberto Najera

Nicole Toshiko Nakaso

Harshna Jyoti Narayan

Andrew Brian Nassab

Jenna Elisabeth Natali

Meaghan Kathleen Neary

Leonard Alexander Newman

Claudette Rosa Ngai

Dennis Hoang Nguyen

Jessica Vi Nguyen

Jennifer Ashley Nibel

Shahrzad Nikoo

Kelley Rae Noe

Tyler Scott Ikaika Nunes

Harry James Rogan Nunns

Alexandra Nicole O'Connor

Amanda Christine O'Haver

Susan Diane Ocon

Courtnay Nicole Oddman

Julianna Mae Oldroyd

Paulina Angeline Ong

Ryan James Overgaard

Ashley William Packer

Arvin Pal

Michael Christopher Pang

Danielle Marie Parlanti

Kristina Anibal Parsons

Nicholas Ryan Patti

Kevin Anthony Paul

Alyson Lauren Pearl

Lily Shu Peng

Derek Scott Perlman

Benjamin Allan Peterhansen

Lisa Nicole Peterson

Michael James Peterson

Lindsay Yee Peugh

Shawn Tralee Pohlson

Spencer Elliott Porter

Ariel Mia Portera

Alexander Micheal Poulos

John Steven Pratuch

Jeffrey Bingham Presnell

Tia Pressler

Shannon Marie Purcell

Mayura Raghavan

Taylor Raines

Aaditya Ramesh

Jeffrey Owen Ramponi

Brittany Louise Randall

Michael Charles Randall

Alexander Rangel

Alexa A. Raub

Arjun Ravi

Alexander Jackson Raynolds

Meghan Lee Reardon

Christopher J. A. Regacho

Eva O'Brien Rendle

Matthew Baird Rice

Brittany Nicole Riopelle

G. Kyle Rodich

Jessie Marie Rogers

Scott Alan Rogers

Matthew Alan Rosen

Jennifer Linda Ross

Orin Sameul Rottman

Roshni B. Roy

Tuhin Kar Roy

Sabrina Annette Rozetti

Tyler Rucker

Leslie Anne Ruese

Allison Nicole Ruetman

John Joseph Ryan, III

Stephanie Deane Saake

Margarita Sagatova

Lester Kenney San Jose

Lauren Marie Santia

Jennae Alexa Ruiz Santos

Rebecah Eve Sarver

Michael Joseph Scalise

Stephanie Anne Schafer

Austin Timothy Schenk

Sarah Alice Schiff

Daniel I. Schoenberg

Tyler James Seavey

Jamie Edith Seidman-McDonnell

Camellia Shaida Senemar

David Sherman Seroy

Ashley Lynn Severance

Kevin Andrew Sewell

Dallas Adele Mary Shackleton

Akash Jogen Shah

Shuchee Aatish Shah

Antony Adel Shahid

Mina Adel Shahid

Parisa Shahsavarani

Tiffany Marie Sham

Ross Jacob Shanken

Gregory Walter Sharpe

Jacky Show-Ding Shaw

Abigail C. Shepherd

Peter Shmulevich

Rachel Grace Shuen

Stacy Michelle Silva

Caitlin Rogner Simens

Allison Nicole Simpson

Daniel Raymond Siuba

Michael Joseph Slap

Alison Nicole Smith

Nena Erika Smith

Derrick James Snarr

Lauren Nicole Snyder

Roger Jude Soares

Clay Hanlin Sorrick, II

Stephanie Michelle Sosa

Joseph Mathew Spillner

Jacqueline Nicole Spinner

Samantha Lynn St. Laurent

Benjamin Steinhorn

Briana Michelle Stephanos

Kendall Sarah Stevens

Richard Lee Storelee

Clark Larson Straub

Stephanie Maeve Strider

Alexa Akemi Stringer

Liz Anne Stump

Daniel Payming Su

Brian Ross Sullivan

Jelena Supica

Sean Michael Susa

Shane Michael Swinnerton

Elizabeth Anne Victoria Szabo

Trenton Jeffrey Szewczyk

Cyrus Taghipour

Sogol Taie

Katherine Tan

Kathy Y. Tang

Austin Joseph Tanner

Denise Margarethe Tapfer

Derek James Tarantino

Alexandra Catherine Taylor

Quinn Braydon Tedford

William Anthony Telfer

Spencer James Thompson

Michael Gregory Ting

Robert Tomasello

Daniel Ho-Chung Tong

Andriana Diem Anh Trang

Cameron Richard Tremblay-Adams

Christopher Michael Tripp

Chelsea Rose Troper

Rhiannon Elyssa Troper

Matthew Ryan Tsang

Ciara Shawna Turner

Nina Sandelin Umont

Prabhava Upadrashta

Kimi Punsalang Uychaco

Kelly Marie Vaculin

Courtney Nicole Van Blerkom

Nicole Elaine Varvitsiotes

Jenna Marie Velasquez

Nathan George Venos

Kellee Lynn Venturi

Zachary Edwin-Lawrence Vigar

Travis Rivers Volpe

Kallie Christina Wagner

Matthew Sterling Wagner

Douglas S. Walker, Jr.

Lindsay Brooke Walker

James W. Walton

Stephen Albert Wang

Anna Ward

Robert James Weaver

Andrew Darrell Webb

Madelaine Christine Weber

Samantha Lee Weltz

Dylan Richard Westfall

Jacqlyn Marie Westhusing

Cole William White

Nicholas Phillip White

Zachary Joseph White

Elena Catherine Wible

Allison Colby Wied

Ian Patrick Wight

Briana Monet Williams

Daniel David Williams

Jeffrey Bond Williams

Spencer Atherton Williams

Alyson Michelle Wirkkala

Christopher Douglas Witmer

Martin Phillip Wolfson

Rachel Shelby Wong

Sharon Chelsea Wong

Stacie Anne Wong

Chloé Elizabeth Wood

Kathryn Bushnell Woodbury

Megan Anne Woram

Betsy Daniellé Wray

Karly Ann Wright

Matthew C. Wu

Thomas Allen Wunsch

Angela Yan

Jessica Shiva Yau

Hannah Adadu Yemane

Monica E. Yeo

Alyssa Gabrielle Yock

Timothy Jinhyung Yoon

Melissa Ann Young

Sierra May Young

Stephanie Michelle Young

An Yu

Jonathan Christopher Yu

Yeonhee Yu

Rachel Lauren Zagarino-Miller

Nina Ching Yan Zai

Marissa Monique Zamora

Anne Qin Zhou

Brett Amanda Zorich

The following students were scheduled to graduate from San Ramon Valley High:

Alexandra Lyda Abrams

Bronze Broch'elle Adams

Navid Heshmat Aflatooni

Kristen Noel Alexander

Brittany Lynn Allen

Sarah Elizabeth Allin

Alana Leigh Amack

Melanie Kay Andersen

Rachel Noel Anderson

Sara Anvari

Kelly Anne Aphugh

Erica Monique Araujo

Jillian Nicole Armstrong

Ryan Jonathan Atterbury

Kimberly Nicole Auer

Alexandra Isabell Austere

Samuel Malcolm Baba

Andrew Benjamin Baird

Susan Mari Ballard

Stacey Lynn Bantz

Brendan Douglas Barber

Hannah Lee Barger

Jeffrey Alan Barron

Aaron Joseph Baruh

Suzanne Marie Batiste

Jonathan David Beck

Giovanni Benedetto Marino

Allison Jennifer Benn

Kristina Kathryn Benvenuto

Ashley Mark Sean Betts

Akshay P. Bhaskaran

Madeline Patrice Biatek

Keegan Edward Bill

Kathryn Marie Blackwell

Robert Michael Blau

Ryan Joseph Bonacci

Monica Gabriela Borruso

Alexandria Rose Boscacci

Mary Kathrin Bowen

Melanie Gayle Bowman

Corey Lee Boysal

Samantha Michelle Brenner

John Stuart Brereton

Jane Caroline Brockie

Alyssa I. Bromberg

Jordan Steven Bromley

Matthew Joseph Bronstein

Chelsea Anne Broome

Christina Lynn Brown

Lucas O'Neil Brown

Harmon David Bruno

Benjamin Michael Buchta

Kelly Ann Bull

Gina Louise Burgess

Jonathan James Burklund

Stuart Joseph Busha

Jacqueline Elizabeth Bustos

William Clay Caldwell

Breanna Rose Calhoun

Steven Matthew Callaway

Alexander Paul Calleja

Tyler James Campbell

Ricardo A. Campos

James Paul Cannariato

Benjamin Nicholas Carlsson

Brett Thomas Carmody

Joseph William Carozza

Rélyn Alexis Carrera

Amy Jean Carsten

Alyson Marie Carter

Nicole Brittany Castellanos

Brittany Marie Cervantes

Katharine Donna Chiu

Gordon H. Chow

Jennifer Lynne Christensen

Vincent Chuang

Lauren Paige Claybaugh

Christopher Morris Clowdsley

Madison Rebecca Cole

Rachel Dawn Cole

Brenna Leigh Collins

Michael William Colman

Kirstyn Nicole Colonias

Megan Elizabeth Condie

Cole Alexander Conklin

Katherine Perry Constas

Byron Orlando Cordoba

Bryan William Cox

Jennifer Lee Creagmile

Amanda Jean Crisafulli

Cody Justin Cross

Kainoa Sato Cummings

Kyle Lee Cummings

Joshua Ryan Currie

Derek Jon Czajka

Sara Jayne Da Sie

Christopher Michael DaCar

Marie Elizabeth Dagnese

Wyatt David Andrew Daily

Marie Francesca Dal Porto

Lisa Marie Danis

Brandon Michael Dashwood

Alexandra Rebecca Davidson

Daniel William Daviess

Braydon Michael Davis

Lindsay Leigh Davis

Alyssa Day

Karen Nicole De Loy

Bradley Christopher Deal

Jason Lance Dean

Brian Matthew DeAngelis

Marah DeNure Deininger

Kevin Michael DeLano

Taylor Nicole Denhart

Katherine Christina Desmond

Christopher Joseph Despres

Katherine Marie DeVries

Nicole Marie Dias

Jessica Michelle Díaz

Kellie Ann DiMaggio

Desiree Elizabeth DiMarco

Eric Matthew Dittmore

Colin Todd Donahue

Jared Michael Dorrance

Matthew Noble Dorris

Alexandra Julieta Downing

Mark Drucker

Ryan Jeffrey Dubrow

Francis Edward Dybuncio

Jordan Daniel Ehrlich

Ryan Scot Elmore

Erin Brianne Ernser

Elise Roxanne Estrada

Nicholas Matthew Faber

Melissa Leigh Faulkner

David Franklin Fehlman

Stephanie Anne Fennell

Nicole Catherine Ferraro

Caroline Kishino Ficenec

Matthew Robert Finegold

Ryan Ellis Fitzgerald

Sean Andrew Fitzpatrick

Kaitlin Irene Fleming

Ricardo Enrique Flores Rodriguez

Kelsey Margaret Flott

Christopher James Focht

Nicholas Akio Yihn Fong

Elizabeth Perry Fonzi

Hannah Gabrielle Forman

Keir Furlan Forster

Travis Joseph Foster

Corey Francis Fowler

Christine Nathalie Fox

Jessica Rae Fuca

Caitlin Amanda Futak

Geoffrey Michael Ganzberger

Mia Lee Garcia

Ryan Marie Garlieb

Dana Cynthia George

Jonathan Douglas George

Shareef Ahmed Ghanem

Arash Gholami

Michael Connor Gibbons

Robert Andrew Gibson

Cameron Hilaire Giroux

Jacqueline Paige Gliozzi

Aaron Kong Go

Heather Lynn Goyer

Morgan Nichole Grana

Kevin David Grant

Jason Paul Granzella

Robert Jerome Gray

Jordan Scott Griffey

Danielle Nicole Griffiths

Casey Patricia Grimes

Cooper Donald Grossman

Hannah René Gruver

Victoria Lindsay-Foucht Gusman

Hannah Elizabeth Gustafson

Haley Ann Haertl

Christian Scott Halversen

Jaymes Buck Hansen

Lindsey Ann Hardy

Sara Rose Harless

Valerie Rose Hartmann

Camry Nicole Haskins

Shane Adam Hawkins

Stephanie Anne Heathorn

Danielle Turner Heinson

Zachary Alan Henry

Caitlin Jeanne Hernandez

Grant Everett Herzog

Madeleine Rose Hess

Alyssa Rose Hill

Ann Elizabeth Hodge

Irene Theresa Hodge

Leslie Anne Hoff

Chloe Jean Hogan

Jordan Elizabeth Holliday

Devon Lawrence Hollowood

Kurt Brendan Hoseley

Eric Gordon Hotaling

Xiyu Huang

Clark Burel Huddleston

Matthew Winner Huff

Pierce Andrew Hunter

Ryan Scott Hutchins

Genevieve Lane Huttmann

Nina I-Tuan Hwang

James Tsutomu Ichiuji

Michael Allan Ioannou

Melissa Ashley Ivarson

Scott Jennings Jang

Neil Michael Jester

Alyson Lynn Johnson

Jessica Kaitlyn Johnson

Natalie Grace Johnston

Elijah David Jordan

Steven Brian Judd

Robert Art Justiniano-Bióca

Kathryn Maika'i Loa Kahawaii

Porter James Kalbus

Andrew Oliver Kallick

Kelsi Leeane Kane

Hilary Taylor Kay

David James Kellison

Rachelle Jacqueline Kennedy

John Dana Kenning

Andrew John Kewell

Armene Shahidi Khonsari

Andrew Kippeum Kim

Cortney Brooke King

Melanie Kathryn King

Kathryn Elizabeth Kizzar

Kevin Dale Knapp

Stephanie Elisabeth Koch

Jordan Marie Kragen

Katrina Ashley Kretsch

Jacqueline Lorraine Kulwin

Brett William Kunde

Brynn Loral Kurtz

Brittany Danielle Lafferty

Jennifer Kay Land

Monika Elese Lehua Lang

Brittany Lee Lawrence

Robert John Lawrence

Tyler Anthony Le Tourneau

Korie Leeanne Leach

Alyse Marie Ledford

Nicholas Sean Lee

Anna Gray Leer

Anna Germaine Lekas Miller

Alyssa Ruth Lempesis

James Robert Lendvay Von Csakany

Derek Matthew Leong

Daniel Leon Levine

Brendan Richard Lewis

Jessica Ashley Lewis

Katlyn Marie Lewis

Christopher Jordan Lim

Grant E.C. Lipson

Jorden Terra Livsey

Chelsea Jeanine Long

Darel Michael Lopez

Molly Elizabeth Lorden

Andrew Thomas Louis

Angelique Carmen Lucania

Sean Douglas Lukito

Carla Nicole Luppi

Charley M. Ma

Whitney Jeanne MacLeod

Aaron James Madsen

Briana Nicole Mapplebeck

Amelia Anne Marie Marciano

Vincent Daniel Martinez

Samantha Jean Matlock

Katherine A. Maxwell

Sadie Michelle Mayo-Conaty

Monique Nalyn McBride

Matthew Austin McCormack

Melissa Jamie McCormack

Kiley Michele McInroy

Jensen Marshall McKean

Brandon Christopher McKinney

Derek Allen McPherson

Joseph Richard Meadows

Jeremy Alexander Medina

Michael James Mellinger

Angela Qingyi Meng

Kenneth Alexander Meniatis

Amanda Christine Meyer

Brent Christian Miller

Kirstin Michelle Miller

Valerie Kathryn Miller

Shannon Alexandra Mitchner

Tessa Kay Mochizuki

Vincent Eric Montesano

Brooke P. Moore

George Malcolm Moore

Megan Elizabeth Moore

Richard Daniel Morgin

Nikolas Abraham Moro

Nina Moslehi

Jacqueline Diana Mozek

Katie Michelle Mulloy

Kimberly Ann Munkacsy

Ellen McLeod Murphy

Jane McLeod Murphy

Jill Nicole Murphy

James Richard Mutter

Paige Elizabeth Muyskens

Colby Reinert Nahas

Keshnee Mala Naidoo

Jenna Marie Narez

Alexandra Abrams Navas

Diego R. Navas

Trevor Scott Nelson

Brittany Rachelle Neri

Ashley Elizabeth Neumann

Brysant Jacob Newton

Phuong Anh Andrea Le Nguyen

Trung Quoc Nguyen

David Lewis Nicholas

Dana Kathryn Janice Nicholson

Rajni Kaur Nijjer

Callie Elizabeth Nobriga

Natasha Nord

Jennifer Lynn Nordine

Bryana Michèle Nugent

Brian David Nuss

Michael Joseph O'Brien

Katharine Helena O'Hara

Ryan Christopher O'Leary

Zachary Joseph O'Neill

Caoimhe Frances O'Rourke

Brittany Ariel Oddieo

Ryan Franklin Oliver

Zachary Leland Oliver

Katherine S. Olsson

Priscilla Bianca Opfermann

Anamarie Orgera

Dominique Marie Ortega

Jessica Anne Osantowski

Saliman M. Osmani

Laura Elizabeth Osterdock

Ryan David Palsha

Avik Virendra Patel

Brian Timothy Pavek

Garrett Michael Peck

Katie Hope Pedlowe

Cristina Marie Donohoe Peña

Christian Michael Penland

Michael Joseph Perchak

Kristine Hannah Peterson

Zachary Adam Peterson

Julia R. Petraglia

Jenna Christine Pettus

Caitlin Joan Pickavance

Jordan Kyle Pierce

Nathan Edward Pinter

Michelle Elizabeth Pitchford

Nicolas George Pittarides

Veronica Lynn Pohls

Daniel Joseph Ponciano

Kimberly Michele Pong

Jordan Kimberly Popovich

Tyler Geoffrey Portman

Daniel Hartman Pottorff

Ptolemy Powell

Emily Claire Proctor

Sara Jane Prucha

Kevin Matthew Nuqui Pujol

Jessica Marie Quinlan

Malia Suzanne Ramsey

Devin Allen Ramsey

Christopher Chiles Randall

Blake Douglas Regalia

Robert Paul Henry Reid

Michael David Reis

Thomas Andrew Reyda

Christine Leah Reynolds

Peter James Richards

Jaclyn Michelle Richardson

Dana Catherine Ries

Juliana Roberts

Melissa Ann Roberts

Stephen John Roberts

Stephen Gerald Rockwood

Sarah Michelle Rodriguez

Shannon Michelle Roland

Kellie Marie Rooks

Natasha Alyse Ropchan

Ashley Christine Rose

Elizabeth Sarah Roskos

Ashley Anne Rossi

Thomas Joseph Rugg

Gregory Perry Russell

Gina Lucille Russillo

Brian Edward Ruth

Anthony P. Sacco

Kyun MeiLing Saiidnia

Skyler Irene Sanderson

Michael Saviour Schembri

Sarah Anne Schleimer

Miranda Lea Schneider

Erich Arnold Lum Schultz

Natalie Margaret Schutzman

Kristin Marie Scott

Christopher Maxwell Seeley

Tyler Louis Seller

David Michael Shannon

Kelley Ann Shaw

Marielle Joy Sheppel

Aisha Luqman Siddiqui

Jason Chandler Silva

Noelle Nozomi Simons

Kelly Elizabeth Skledar

Amy Joy Slater

Douglas Forester Smith

Nicole Alexis Smith

Daniel Timothy Smithwick

Natasha Andreevna Snegova

Carolyn Elaine Soldati

Patrick Michael Sornsin

Miles William Lansing Spafford

Kaycee Ann Spalding

Chelsea Ann Spencer

Samantha Nicole Stagner

Whitney Trower Stannard

James Victor Stanton

Taylor Francis Stanton

Gretchen Glen Stark

Alyssa Joy Stevens

Kayla Juliana Stillman

Lauren Ziba Stone

Mackenzie Lee Stover

Eric Alan Stracke

Alexandra Melanie Strasburg

Ryan Joseph Struver

Amanda Taylor Suggs

Claire Elizabeth Sullivan

Caitlin Marie Summers

Tyler James Swanson

Nicole Marie Tarantino

Andrew Gregory Taverrite

Gregory Stephen Taylor

Molly Kate Taylor-Crooker

Mary Kathryn Tengler

Brenton Warren Thomas

Matthew James Thornber

Joseph Jerry Tidwell

Taylor Margaret Tillinghast

Bryce Daniel Tobie

Andrew Steven Tokarski

Erik Eyvind Tollefsen

Amanda Jean Torres

Briana Nicole Torres

Michael George Toso

Jessica Helen Trisko

Joshua Hon-Yin Tse

Eric Maggay Tuan

Antonio Miguel Ugarte

Alexandra Nicole Upland

Michael David Valentine

Ann Elizabeth Van Acker

Brent Andrew Van Fossen

Gabriella Tiana Vanni

Lindsay Katharine Varien

Kenneth Barthelomew Veiga

Brett Cameron Vergara

Lisette Vergara

Jose Manuel Villalobos Chamorro

Demetria Kay Vlahos

Allison Miriam Volpe

Marisa Christina Wallace

Steven Michael Walsh

Russell Henry Walther Jr.

Elizabeth Anne Walz

Alexander Warner

Janelle Ashley Webb

Natasha Mary Weissmiller

Brian Kenneth Wells

Alexandra Michal Welsh

Kristopher Benoit Turreff White

Jacob Paul Whitney

Kelly Michelle Wiese

Leah Jane Wilke

Ian James Williams

Meghan Alexandra Williams

Scott Murray Williams

Bradley Marshall Wilson

Gregory Robert Wilson

John Benjamin Wilson

Allison Elizabeth Wingard

Jacob Constantine Wiskel

Spencer Donald Wood

Alexys Nicolette Woods

Ryan Anthony Worley

Caitlin Mariel Wuest

Jeffrey Xu

Tonya Xue Yan

Alexander William Yasueda

Jonathan James Yasueda

Samantha Rannveig Yasueda

Kiera L. Yetman

Theodore Joseph-Tuttle Yorke

Austin Michael Zaboski

Michael Tyler Zylberman


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