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Perspective - June 20, 2008

Letters to the editor

Another ruined view

Dear Editor:

Just had to comment on your "Slow Down" article as I can surely sympathize. I own a home in Magee Ranch and saw workers marking things off one day, and the next day came home and was absolutely astonished to see a huge pole with solar panel and antenna on top, smack dab right across the street. My house is atop Shadewell Drive, and we have no neighbors across the street, just beautiful open space. We HAD a beautiful view of Mount Diablo, along with four other homes at the top. Now we see Mount Diablo with a pole through it.

We were told by PG&E that these "smart meters" will be used by the Town of Danville to wirelessly read our meters. We cannot have flag poles, basketball hoops, etc., in our front yards but they are putting these on "their PG&E easements."

The homeowners association got involved and PG&E was nice enough to have a meeting with us. Apparently, PG&E thought everyone had been notified and their "outside contactor" may have been overzealous getting it done so quickly. They stated they would work with us as there are options like underground networking, incorporating into the light pole, etc., but all more "costly." More costly to whom? we asked. We are the owners who now have downgraded property values with horrible views.

We choose Magee Ranch as it has no poles, no wires everywhere, is beautiful, tranquil, full of deer, coyote, turkeys and has that country homey feel. Until these went up! So far, nothing has been done, no other meetings and we are still waiting.

Debra Pineda, Danvillle

Golf contest a winner

Dear Editor:

My son MJ, three-time National Special Olympics Golf Champion, recently won the Golf Channel's Father's Day Dream Trip Essay Contest, resulting in us being treated like royalty by the Golf Channel for five days at the 108th U.S. Open held at Torrey Pines in La Jolla. In addition to the trip to the U.S. Open for two, the five finalists received a set of TaylorMade Golf Clubs, a staff bag, a year's supply of golf balls, and a $1,000 shopping spree at Dick's Sporting Goods. The grand prize winner was selected as a result of Internet voting and announced on national TV on Father's Day. The winner received an all expense paid trip to St. Andrews, Scotland.

MJ did not win the grand prize but we learned the voting was very, very close. Hearing him read his winning entry on national TV was very special for me and my wife Linda, who drives the golf cart for MJ in his golf tournaments.

He said, "I have been playing golf with my father since I was 5 years old. Having been born with a walking disability, (my dad) taught me to focus on my abilities and not my disability. As a result, I am now 24 years old and have won seven straight N. California State Championships, three National Championships, and have been inducted into two Halls Of Fame - 2004 San Francisco Tri Valley and 2006 Michigan Sports Hall Of Fame having been born there.

"He taught me that golf like life is a 'hard game' but with a positive attitude, proper instruction and a will to win, anything can and will happen. In a round of golf, 'never, never give up.' He also said to enjoy the beauty and many friends you will make in this game. He often told me that one could go out as a single player and meet three other strangers on the first tee and by the end of the round be friends for life.

"Finally, he taught me to 'never get nervous on the first tee.' Like life, getting off to a good start is very important. Thanks Dad. Love MJ."

Thank you, MJ. This will be a Father's Day that will be etched in our minds forever.

Team Mc Colgan-MJ, Linda and Mike