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Perspective - June 20, 2008


Asked in downtown Danville

What is your favorite beach?

It's a beach in Key West called Ormond Beach. It has white sand, turquoise water and dolphins. The cool thing about it is the frequent thunderstorms because you get out of the water to relax and watch the lightning and when the storms are over you go back into the water.

Jacqueline Gliozzi


I forget the name but it's a beach in Mexico near La Paz. It has an abandoned hotel on it, the ground is all tiny shells instead of sand, and we saw a lot of eels there when we were snorkeling.

Jennifer Pate


San Diego has the best beaches! The waves were my favorite part because they were so big and I got to surf there. I also like Irish Beach by Mendocino because once when I was there I saw a dead cow that had washed up on shore; it was pretty cool.

Dante Capriotti


I'd have to say San Benedetto in Italy; it's on the Adriatic Sea. There's so much to do there, you can rent paddle boats and kayaks. You can go skim boarding and there are huge outdoor trampolines in the sand by the sea. Swimming there is also really fun because the water is shallow so you can walk out really far.

Enzo Capriotti


My favorite beach would have to be anything south of here! Santa Cruz beach is really nice. I love going to the Boardwalk and the weather's always perfect; it's not too hot. I think the general crowd of surfers and people enjoying the water makes me like it most. Santa Cruz is a beach town; it invites you to have fun.

Mollie Strain

business assistant/waitress/lifeguard


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