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Danville Express

- June 27, 2008

Editorial: Happy Birthday, Danville

Towns across the United States that share the name "Danville" have been sending congratulations to our town as we turn 150 years old.

"As one of the earliest towns to share your namesake, we are now in our 222nd year," wrote officials from Danville, Vt. They proudly stated their town has grown 35 percent in the last 50 years - to a population of 2,200.

The population of Danville, Calif., has also grown:

1940 - 1,225

1960 - 3,585

1970 - 16,218

1980 - 26,446

1990 - 31,306

2000 - 41,715

The wonderful thing about "our" Danville is how the growth has been accommodated, with the town being incorporated in 1982. As Danville, Calif., observes its sesquicentennial, residents have plenty to celebrate: Through careful planning, it has retained its small-town charm and its facilities offer enjoyment, education and enrichment.

Although Danville's early pioneers could no more envision today's Danville than we can imagine the town in the year 2158, it is still a place where people settle to make a good life for themselves and their families. Essays from third-graders testify that they feel safe, love their schools and the downtown, and love living here with their families.

We want to thank Kiwanis of San Ramon Valley for choosing the Danville Weekly as the media sponsor to publish this Keepsake Edition. And thank you to the volunteers at the Museum of the San Ramon Valley for opening its archives to us and being so generous with information.

Happy birthday, Danville, from the Danville Weekly.


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