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- June 27, 2008

How Danville got its name

"In the summer of 1859 a man named Davis came along and wanted to start a blacksmith shop where the one now stands (Close's) and I gave him permission to do so. He sold out that winter to Jim Johnson, now deceased. Johnson soon after sold to Simon Whitmore.

"Then a man named Long started a wheelwright shop. About the same time H.W. Harris started a hotel, and Wolff & Cohen a store.

"Then the people of the valley wanted a post office. Of course it had to have a name, and quite a number were suggested. At first they thought of calling it Inmanville, but my brother Andrew and I objected to that.

"Finally, Grandma Young, my brother's mother-in-law, said, 'Call it Danville,' and, as much or more out of respect for her, as she was born and raised near Danville, Kentucky, it took that name."

From a letter by Dan Inman that appeared in the Danville Sentinel dated January 1898.


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