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Perspective - June 27, 2008


Asked on Hartz Avenue in Danville

What are you plans this Fourth of July?

I'm going to Donner Lake to go fishing and hang out with my family .We have a family reunion up there on the Fourth of July. We are going to go to the parade, which is old fashioned, and sit around.

Spirow Mitsanas

factory rep/reserve soldier

I will be working first of all so I'll be able to watch the parade from there. After, I'm going to go to party with my friends at my friend's house and drink margaritas!

Kris Mangino

restaurant management

I'm going down to Pismo Beach with my family and friends. We rented a beach house so I will be down on the beach barbequing and watching the fireworks.

Brian Labrucherie

chiropractic assistant

I'm going to be working all day. I'm going to try to go out and hang out with my friends though because I love the Fourth of July.

Jonathan Turney


My boyfriend and I are playing a gig with our band Cerebral Catastrophe at A Million Fishes in the city. It's an all age's underground art collective and we'll be playing electronic music.

Nicole Beren

shoe designer