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Danville Express

- June 27, 2008

Why I love Danville

by Danville third-graders

from the class of Barbara Manley, Vista Grande Elementary

I know Danville doesn't usually have robberies because it is a peaceful town. Danville has a store, a barber shop, and more.

-Anika D.

On holidays your neighbors will come to your house and give you a present, or when you're just moving to Danville your neighbors will welcome you.

-Olivia L.

In the summer I like to have picnics in parks and play sports like volleyball, tennis, and soccer.

-Irina V.

I really like the library. You have a quiet place to work. … You don't even need to go in to return your book.

-Vinson K.

Oak Hill Park has lovely people. But most of all, I like the ducks and the playground.

-Natalie F.

from the class of Debbie McGovern, Vista Grande Elementary

I especially like Osage Park because you can play a ton of sports there. It is a blast of fun.

-Jack O.

I really love … Bridges. I smell the aroma of lavender everywhere. … The food tastes magnificent, just like a patch of heaven.

-Max K.

Mt. Diablo is a calm place. You can hear birds chirp and bees buzz. Birds sing as smooth as the wind.


Here are some reasons why I love Danville's 4th of July Parade. 1. Standing on the sides and getting things from everybody in the parade. 2. Hanging out with your friends and just having fun. 3. Watching the parade and hanging out with family.

-Ali N.

I really love Danville's Grange because there are nice dance classes and nice dance teachers.

-Sarah E.

I really love Danville's fun and great sport teams. Diamonds are very clean and well taken care of.

-Lily M.

I really love Danville's sport leagues. I love them because they give kids something fun to do over summer.

-Zach L.

One of my favorite food stores is the Candy Shop. When I walk in I am ready to jump off the walls and grab everything.

-Lauryn D.

Danville has great parks because you can get squirted by water. You can have a barbecue. You can take your dog to the dog park and you can play on the wonderful playground.

-Grace W.

I really love Danville's shops. One shop I really like is called, "At the Candy Shop." It has tons of candy like the colors of the rainbow never ending.

-Lucas H.

from the class of Sandy Madewell, Vista Grande

Rock City (at Mount Diablo) is so much fun to hike on! I don't think I could live without all of Danville's wonderful sports!


I really love Danville's restaurants. My favorite one is the Crown. My favorite drink there is Root Beer.


I really love Danville's Iron Horse Trail. There are many things you can do on the Iron Horse Trail like bike, run or walk. There isn't anything in your way.

-Ethan F.

I really love Danville's schools. We get a great education. We have lots of subjects.


I really love Danville's Livery because it has Coldstone. Another reason I like the Livery is the hamburger place, I love hamburgers. M-mmm.


I love downtown Danville because it has everything I need. I can trust almost all the people that work in downtown Danville.


I really love Danville's restaurants because they have really good food. My favorite restaurant is the Crown. I think dinner is the best time to go there.

-Derek G.

Parks are fun and I like that they help build my strength. Danville would be boring if it didn't have parks.

-Alex F.

from the class of Candace Roberts, Vista Grande

I love Danville's Mt. Diablo. When you look down from one of its peaks you'll see an astonishing sight of big red and orange burning boulders, rocks and pebbles. And if you go there in the winter, bring warm clothes and... a sled. Yep it snows.

-Ben M.

One of my favorite things to do in Danville is to go to Hot Summer Nights. I like it because my Grandpa puts his car into the show. Looking at all the beautiful cars (which the owners have made so beautifully) just touches my heart.

-No name

I love downtown Danville. There are so many cute little shops like America's Best Karate. There is even a clock tower.

-Fiona F.

I love Danville's Osage Park because it is a fun park. Sometimes the ice cream man comes.

-Moson H.

I love my town Danville because I like the Hap Magee Ranch Park…. I did acting camp there. Those are the best memories of my life!

-Hanna T.

In the summer there is a great activity called Music in the Park. … My family and I spread out our blanket on the grass and listen to the great music. It's fun to watch the geese and ducks in the ponds.

-Jessica H.

The One Room Schoolhouse is a wonderful place to learn about how it was in the 1880s. I love dressing up and going there with a basket full of biscuits, fruit and character.

-Eva K.

Tassajara One Room School House is one of the most fantastic places in Danville. You get to write with slates and put your nose in a circle if you have been bad.

-Sean B.

"The school house has wonderful docents who teach the children about a school day in 1888. (It) is interesting, magnificent, and beautiful in many ways.

-Kearsten S.

The reason why I like the Village Theatre is because you can go there and act as if you were a rock star performing for the president.

-Emory S.

I love Danville's One Room School House. It is just a little building with all these kids in different grades.

-Jordan S.

I love Danville's Village Theatre in Danville because it is part of Danville national history.

-No name

I think downtown Danville is super fun. My family and I (including my dog) always ride bikes and stop at stores.

-Sean C.

from the class of Megan Hansen, Vista Grande Elementary

One reason why I love Danville is because you can almost always feel safe. Another reason why, are the people, they are so nice, including me!


Danville is a very safe community. The restaurants and the parks are so fun to play at.


I really love Danville. This is because Danville always has great schools, it also has great parks, and loads of friendly people.


Danville has amazing history, for an example, Leku Eder's history.

-Nadia K.

I love Danville. This is because the parks are fun to play at and the many special events are exciting. My favorite event is the Fourth of July parade.


All the restaurants and shops have great employees. Every restaurant has clean tables and floors. I really love how Danville has lots of trees and flowers.

-Katlyn T.

I really love Danville's tree lighting. The best part is that I get to stay up late. I really enjoy being able to walk in the middle of the street.

-Samuel E.

I like Danville because of its location. It is near my cousin's and grandparents. Another great thing about Danville is the weather is almost always perfect.


The people are very nice and kind. I like the people in Danville because they will help you. I love everything in Danville.


from the class of Pam Goettge, Tassajara Hills

Danville has a lot of nature and has people that like to help whenever they can. … We hope we can interest you to live in this nice and safe environment.

-Brandon B.

In Danville, there are sushi restaurants, pizza parlors, fast food and more! If you are interested in moving to California, Danville is the place to be!

-Sara G.

A lot of restaurants are wonderful. The chefs … cook lots of healthy food. Since it's Danville's birthday, I will love Danville with all of my heart.

-Priscilla C.

I love Danville because they have not a lot of crimes, that's right. Keep your fascinating children safe!


The movie theater called Century Theaters has 7 movies at a time!

-Olivia W.

There are such nice boys and girls, men and women, and an endless supply of pets! Cows on the hills, horseback riding, and it just keeps going!

- Katie M.

Danville has a lot of fun activities like basketball, softball, drawing lessons you name it!

-Mia D.

All the kids are very smart because they have great schools and teachers in Danville.

-Makenna S.

There are lots and lots of trees so we can get lots and lots of oxygen!

-Brendan L.

If there was an award for best town, Danville would win it.

-Nick H.

My favorite shops are the shops at the Blackhawk Plaza. I love Danville!

-Delaney S.

from the class of Terry Tringali, Sycamore Valley Elementary

I love Danville because of all the great people "going green." That just makes me so proud to live in this community.

-Katie K.

Another reason I love Danville is the activities. They keep children occupied and are fun. Examples are Danville Girls Chorus, Day Camp and volleyball.

-Rebecca C.


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