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Perspective - July 4, 2008


Asked at Greenbrook neighborhood barbecue

What does being "green" mean to you?

Pretty much, being green means lessening the impact that you have on the Earth. You know the whole "human footprint" thing. Like not driving around as much to save gas, and recycling more. Personally, I have a garden to grow my own vegetables which is good because then I don't use plastic bags or have containers that clog up the landfills.

David Mendoza

security guard

It means not causing a lot of waste. I use those bring-your-own bags instead of plastic or paper and I've been using my pool water to water my plants.

Andrea Niepoth


I've been green since before it was popular. When I was a kid I went through three droughts and that teaches you to go green! My son only showers once a week, he doesn't look dirty though. Also, I don't use paper towels, I wash my laundry in full loads at night and I work five minutes from my house so I have no commute.

Jenny Knowles

financial consultant

I'm not so green, but I do think about it. When my son takes long showers I tell him the water police are coming so get out. And I recycle, but they make that pretty easy here since they give you three garbage cans. When I go out to coffee shops I also use a mug instead of using the paper cups they give you.

Heidi Stepp


I don't do anything to stay green. I think it's annoying everybody talks about it all the time. I'd rather be red.

Jake Knowles