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Perspective - July 11, 2008


Asked in downtown Danville

Are you traveling at all this summer?

Unfortunately, no. But if I could go somewhere it would be Hawaii beaches - I like the beaches there.

Kristy Hoffman

sales associate, Ella J

I'm not going anywhere this summer but in the fall I will be going to Martha's Vineyard to do Backroads Adventure, a Taylor Family Auction Item. I'll also be going to Kauai!

Diane Howard Belding


I just got home last night at six o' clock from Italy. I was buying these really cool up-to-date shoes for my shoe store Aglie in downtown Danville. I usually go up there a few times a year and it was beautiful. It's always so beautiful I could live there - I want to live there!

Terri Klobas

owner, Aglie

Yeah, I'm going to Washington State, Colorado, Arizona and Minnesota. I play on a traveling softball team and we travel a lot for tournaments so my vacations are paid for.

Craig Sorenson

UPS driver

I already went on my senior trip to Santa Monica so I'll be staying here and hanging out with friends this summer. I will be going to Eugene, Ore., for the University of Oregon's orientation though.

Sammy Brenner

student/sales associate at the Body Adventure