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Perspective - July 11, 2008

Talking trash

Success can bring problems. For instance, any popular event will generate trash. The July 4th parade crowd left overflowing containers that crews took care of in a timely manner. Some successful eateries downtown are the cause for overflowing trash bins on a daily basis.

Many of the receptacles downtown are tile art enclosures, decorated by various community groups and fired in the town's own kiln; they are works of art as well as functional. The others are attractive wine barrels. Danville has gone this extra step to make a necessary convenience ornamental and it maintains about 50 receptacles downtown.

The town contracts out the emptying of its trash containers, and the ones in the parks are emptied daily. Downtown has about 50, which are emptied each Sunday and Thursday. If a business generates more trash than that, it should take responsibility for emptying the waste and making sure there is room for their customers to discard their cups and other garbage.

Businesses with seating outside should be especially careful to monitor the enclosure used by their customers. Surely they maintain the inside trash bins as a part of doing business so they should include those outside even if they are provided by the town. Customers might also remember that if the outside receptacle is overloaded, it's only a few steps back inside the store to dispose of trash.

The town provides attractive landscaping, benches in public places and maintains the downtown area on its limited budget. It can no longer do power washing because it must conserve on water. But people downtown must do their part by making sure their litter does not fall on the ground, and businesses must be responsible for the trash bins used by their customers.

Even the most attractive tiles cannot make a receptacle attractive when it has overflowing trash.


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