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Perspective - July 18, 2008

Letters to the editor

Turn off cell phones

Dear Editor:

That was a nice article on the hands-free cell phone law (June 27). I've been following them all and yours was one of the most detailed.

I'm a Danville resident and CEO of Headsets.com, the largest online retailer of headsets in the world, and we're giving away free headsets for people that get ticketed under the new law. The one we're giving away is a top of the line Plantronics Discovery 925 (the one I use myself), which retails at $149.95. We've set aside 730 of them.

We're hoping to help draw attention to the law, and also hope that people that get ticketed once and can't afford another one will get the little bit of help. But the offer is open to anyone that gets ticketed, there's no "means" test!

Frankly, as strange as it may seem from someone in the headset business, the best thing to do is not to talk on the phone and to focus on your driving. If we sold no headsets and people left their cell phones switched off, I'd be even happier. But being realistic, that isn't the way it is.

Mike Faith, Danville

Don't forget the Polka Dot Attic

Dear Editor:

I read with interest Meghan Neal's article regarding the proposed 3-story building for the Danville Hotel site in the June 27 issue. However I was disappointed that the article named Corks Wine Store in the McCauley House and Sideboard Cafe in the Danville Hotel itself but not the Polka Dot Attic. My store is between these two businesses and also in the historic Danville Hotel. It would have been nice to have the mention since many people assume I went out of business since my old storefront is now vacant.

You may think this is not that big of a deal, but any free mention in your paper can only help in this time of recession. As you may know, Now We're Cooking has closed its doors, and Green Body and Eclectic Home Antiques are no more. We little businesses need all the help we can get.

Please know that the Polka Dot Attic is still alive and currently housed in the historic Danville Hotel next to the Sideboard restaurant and Corks Wine Store.

Susan Elya, The Polka Dot Attic, Danville

Cyclists don't own streets

Dear Editor:

Nothing irritates me more than cyclists who think they own the streets. I trust that Ric Oberlink, who wrote a Letter to the Editor printed July 4, has been informed by Police Chief Chris Wenzel that there is no law that allows cyclists to ride two abreast. We are fortunate that Danville has bicycle lanes and most motorists are very aware of cyclists that ride single file, according to the law.

Nor is there a law that allows a group of cyclists to take the lane. Cyclists should put their safety first and obey simple safety rules of the road. Many do not stop at stop signs or red lights, but continue through if no cars are in sight.

We try to teach our children the rules of the road for cyclist and motorist. But when they see adult cyclists in the Town of Danville breaking the rules and crossing in front of traffic to get coffee at Peet's or Starbucks, what kind of poor example are they setting?

When you are pedaling fast trying to win an unscheduled race you are jeopardizing everyone around you. My fear is you will fall. Slow down when riding through town. Or ride up and down Mount Diablo for your exercise.

Betty Joyce, Danville

Sentinels say thanks

Thank you so much for the great article on Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation on July 4. I have received 50 or so calls and many more e-mails regarding your great article on the Sentinels and the value that the Danville Weekly provides our community. You captured the story of Sentinels perfectly.

This is truly a story of the collaborative effort of so many fine Valley citizens who have said in so many words, "We have room at our table to assist those who have sacrificed so much in the defense of our nation."

No matter what one feels about how we got here, who is to blame, when we'll leave, these young men and women are a national treasure we must continue to respect and support. All the resources are here at home in Danville.

Danville and the Valley can take great pride in saying this program started here. You have inspired communities across the nation to follow your lead.

Mike Conklin, President Sentinels of Freedom Scholarship Foundation


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