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Perspective - July 18, 2008


asked at a Danville Fourth of July barbecue

What is your favorite thing about the Danville farmers market?

I go for the fresh peaches. Once you have peaches from the farmers market you'll never buy from the grocery store again.

Paula Balcezak

sales rep/peach enthusiast

I loved the scones from Bakesale Betty with the blue hair but she's not there anymore. I also like the pepperchelle jam, we marinate shrimp with it, and the fresh fish is really good, too. I love feeling like you're part of a community when you go there.

Bettina West

corporate mystery shopper/bartender

I've never been there, I don't want to lie. But I've heard very good things about it and I'd like to go. I'll go next weekend! I support our local growers.

Carlos Rodriguez

insurance power agent

I don't go to the farmers market, but if I did I would go for the tomatoes and avocados to make fresh salsa for upcoming events like the Super Bowl or for when I'm just sitting on the couch with my dad and brother. I'd expect them to have high quality fruits and vegetables there, considering it is the farmers market.

Justin Harrison


I go to buy the balloons every weekend with my mom because they have the best balloon animals to buy. I love getting the donuts because they make them right in front of me and they taste better than good. Last of all, I like playing on the train because it's fun.

Avery Briggs