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Perspective - July 25, 2008


Asked in Alamo Plaza

Would you like to see the speed limit on the freeways lowered to 55 mph again?

I think it's a good idea but even if it does happen it's not necessarily going to work. People usually don't drive 65 mph on the freeway now so why would they follow a new speed limit if they don't already follow the one we have?

Anna Luber


No, because it slows everything, including the general economy, down. It would just take us longer to do everything.

Marty Sherman


I think it would be a good idea especially on the freeways. I would follow it most of the time. I think part of the problem is that people don't adhere to the speed limit as it is, they're used to going fast. But I wouldn't have a problem following that speed limit.

Robert West


The reality is no one would do it. We should just go back to the horse and buggie. Don't you think?! We can simplify our lives.

Diane Arobio

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No. I like driving faster than that. Considering gas, it's really a personal choice. If I pay for the gas I can waste it. I don't think conserving gas would help our dependence on fuel. We need a better alternative, like hydrogen vehicles so we don't rely on oil and there are no emissions, only water.

Mackenzie Lino

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