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Perspective - August 1, 2008


asked in downtown Danville

What does your co-worker do that drives you crazy?

A co-worker that drives me crazy is one who talks too much. When you talk you don't listen, and when you don't listen, you don't learn.

Roger Crawford

retired/celebrating 50 years of marriage with wife Carol

I used to work in Danville and Alamo as part of the Welcome Wagon, where we would welcome people who moved into the community and give them gifts from local businesses. Some people would get very upset and ask why I was there or slam the door in my face. Once I gave them the gifts though, most were just delighted.

Carol Crawford


I feel very fortunate to have such fine co-workers that I can't find any fault in them.

Ford Andrews

restaurant proprietor

I hate it when they don't do what they are supposed to do because they assume someone else will do it for them.

Stephanie Wong


It drives me crazy when they don't mind their own business!

Russ Silkitis

mail carrier