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Perspective - August 1, 2008

Those who help

California is ranked a lowly 42nd among the states in its percentage of adults who volunteer, in the newly released report from the Corporation for National and Community Service. The Danville area obviously is an exception.

The recent big events around here - the Fourth of July Parade, Hay Day celebrations July 3, and last week's Hot Summer Night - were all manned by volunteers. They contributed their time and talents toward helping Danville host these tremendously successful events for residents of the San Ramon Valley and anyone else who wished to attend.

Much is accomplished in this area by volunteers: Parents raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for programs at the schools, and charities hold professional-level fundraisers for research facilities to help find cures for diseases. Then there are the hospital auxiliaries and thrift shops, the Museum of the San Ramon Valley, and police volunteers for both Danville and the Sheriff's Department Valley Station in Alamo. That's not even mentioning service clubs such as Kiwanis and the Rotary Clubs and all they do for the community.

The Umbrella of Churches, headed by the Community Presbyterian Church but joined by many others, formed especially to help build houses for victims of Hurricane Katrina, doing everything from fundraising to actually visiting McComb, Miss., and picking up hammers and paintbrushes.

Others lead movements to better our area, such as Linda Ballentine and her watershed project. She is determined to lead creek cleanups to free the waterways in her hometown from pollution. Eagle Scout candidates head projects each year to better our community.

Anyone who wants to find out about volunteer opportunities can check our Calendar section. The complete list is at; click on Community Calendar to see the 20 volunteer opportunities currently listed.

Around here, adults volunteer; teens volunteer. We're not sure where the Corporation for National and Community Service got its stats, but we think it might have forgotten to include the Danville area.


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