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Newsfront - August 8, 2008

An eye on Dougherty Valley

An aerial shot of Windemere in San Ramon, taken from a helicopter on July 31, shows Bellingham Square in the foreground, Dougherty Valley High School to the north, and Bollinger Canyon Road to the west.

The latest Dougherty Valley community is in the midst of its final sales phase with approximately 400 homes left to build and sell. It's expected to be fully built out in about two years, said Kevin Pohlson, vice president of land and planning for Brookfield Homes.

Homes are selling at a normal pace despite the recent housing crisis and about 80 percent of the finished homes have been sold, he said. The schools, parks, roads and infrastructure were all completed before any homes were built. Windemere includes 1,300 acres of open space and 95 acres of parks; 25 percent of its homes meet affordable housing standards.

--Meghan Neal