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Perspective - August 8, 2008


Asked at Blackhawk Plaza

Should children have cell phones?

They should have a cell phone with exclusive use to call their parents. Possibly a single number that they can call only.

Penn Arnett


Yes, at 7 years old. But only to call parents and in emergencies.

David Volk


Yes, I do think children should have cell phones. Nothing fancy just one that allows them to save numbers and emergency contacts like their parents if they get lost or stolen. Age is relative, it just depends when they know how to use one, probably ages 7 and up.

Abel Machado

director of operations

Not if they are under the age of 15. I think there is a certain amount of responsibility that goes with having a cell phone. There are enough distractions when you're young, like school. You don't need a cell phone to distract you with calls from friends and texting.

Chris Roy

video editor

No, because if I was young I wouldn't want to have a cell phone for my parents to find me. It gives you more freedom not to have one - I still don't!

Wayland Bell

student, 17