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Community Pulse - August 15, 2008

Georgia man is no peach

Police officers pulled over a Danville driver just after 4 p.m. Saturday afternoon on Camino Tassajara at Woodside Drive in what seemed at the time like a routine arrest for drunken driving. Afterward, they offered a ride home to the passenger, who was the driver's brother visiting from Georgia, as he was heavily intoxicated, police said.

Police helped the passenger, 39, into the back of the car un-cuffed.

"The officer told him to hang tight and wait in the back of the police car, and he'd be right back," said Lt. Mark Williams. "He heard a loud crash."

The passenger had kicked out the right side rear window and taken off running.

The officer went looking for the runaway and as he drove down Tuscany Way where the brother lived, he heard someone yelling, "Get out of my yard!"

The passenger, now a suspect, had run onto someone's property. "The guy thought someone was breaking into his house," said Williams. "He came out with a baseball bat."

The officer confronted the suspect who refused to listen to orders to get on the ground and put his hands behind his back. A fight ensued.

The man managed to wrestle away the officer's flashlight, and finally the officer pepper-sprayed the suspect and cuffed him, Williams said.

He was arrested on suspicion of resisting a police officer and vandalizing a police vehicle, both felony offenses. He was treated at the scene for the pepper spray and booked into Martinez Detention Facility. The officer had a scrape on his hand but no other injuries.

"They were being cool, you know, gonna give him a ride home. And next thing you know he's kicking out the window," said Williams. "People do crazy things."

Shortly after the arrest, the Georgian apologized to police and explained this was not normal behavior for him.

--Meghan Neal