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Perspective - August 15, 2008

Letters to the editor

Salary info please

Dear Editor:

Regarding public service positions, I have a comment on Dolores Fox Ciardelli's article Aug. 1 concerning our new fire chief. One cannot help but be impressed with Chief Richard Price's credentials, but at the same time one cannot help but wonder how much it costs the district for his service.

I believe taxpayers - as well as aspiring fire chiefs - would like to know the remuneration our public servants receive: salary, retirement benefits, health benefits and other perks. It's nice to know what we are getting, but even better to know what we are getting for our money.

Walter D. Welti, Danville

If only drivers were also cyclists

Dear Editor:

I began reading Meghan Neal's June 30 article on the tensions between drivers and cyclists with some trepidation. The issues are complex but many such stories overly reduce the problem and characterize it as Manichean. Neal's article was different: She presented both sides fairly and informatively.

I am a cyclist but, as is nearly universal among adult cyclists, I am also a driver. I often think there would be fewer bike-car conflicts if the converse were also true.

Robert Chung, Berkeley