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Perspective - August 15, 2008

Race is on

What if they gave an election and nobody came?

The race for the three Danville Town Council seats that expire this year was almost no contest, as only the three incumbents were in the running. Realtor Marianne Bordogna says when she saw this was about to happen, she made her final decision to run.

The three incumbents are Mayor Candace Andersen, Vice Mayor Newell Arnerich and Councilman Mike Doyle, who have been on the council since 2003, 1995 and 1991, respectively. They all are proud of having kept the town solvent through difficult financial times plus share a vision of protecting open space and keeping Danville's small town charm while it grows.

All four candidates resolve to carefully monitor plans of San Ramon in the Tassajara Valley, recognizing that any development would impact the whole area but especially Danville. All four recognize that Danville is exceptional and ask for the chance to help keep it so. Their candidate statements differed in what they chose to emphasize and in their backgrounds.

On the other hand, the San Ramon Valley Unified School District has two trustees whose terms expire this year, and those two are the only candidates for the seats: Board president Greg Marvel and fellow trustee Paul Gardner. This assurance of continuity on the school board may be a good thing this year because longtime school board member Joan Buchanan is running on the Democratic ticket for Assembly District 15. If she is elected Nov. 4, the school board will appoint her successor for the two years remaining in her term.

In the democratic process, competition is always a good thing. We welcome the addition of a fourth candidate running for Danville Town Council for what she will bring to the race, for a new point of view she may add, and for what qualities she will bring out in the others.