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Perspective - August 15, 2008


Asked at the Danville Hotel

What event do you look forward to watching at this summer's Olympic Games?

Being an ex-runner myself my heart is in the running aspect of this summer's Olympic Games. Being in the corporate industry I also look forward to seeing how China has transformed its city to accommodate the diversity of the cultures coming to Beijing.

Cynthia Parenteau

president, CJ Consultants

Swimming because I was a swimmer when I was young and I know how much energy it takes to be a swimmer. I like diving as well, although I was never a diver, because of the form and the discipline it takes. How many people can spin mid air and gracefully land head first?

Don Gracey


Gymnastics. I admire the dedication and the training, their gracefulness and their strength.

Jodie Gracey

property manager, Brookview Mobile Home Park

I like the swimming and the gymnastics. They're fun to watch and I like the competitive aspect of it all.

Fred Barraco


I love them all but I don't spend as much time watching the Olympics as I should, I've just been too busy.

Joe Secola

owner, Danville Cigar