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Newsfront - August 22, 2008

Convention coverage to offer local slant

Danville resident and longtime Bay Area TV anchorman Mark Curtis will be reporting from the political conventions during the next two weeks via a new version of his Web site,

Curtis will attend both the Democratic and Republican conventions, being held Aug. 25-28 and Sept. 1-4, respectively, and offer complete election coverage, including broadcasts and videos from the conventions.

The Web site will also showcase some key local races and include interactive comments as well as feature local delegates to the conventions, and candidates for local office who will be in attendance.

"While the networks and big TV stations focus on just Obama and McCain, we are committed to bringing people news that is closer to their own community," said Curtis, a 30-year TV/radio veteran who has covered every presidential campaign since 1980.

"The Internet offers a new venue for politics," said Curtis. "We just had our first online video 'debate' between Congressman Jerry McNerney (D., 11th) and challenger Dean Andal on energy policy."

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