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Perspective - August 22, 2008


Asked at Blackhawk Plaza

Are you bummed that summer is almost over or are you breathing a sigh of relief?

I am bummed because my last child is going to college and I am now officially an empty nester.

Helen Sanderson

New Glamma

I am breathing a sigh of relief because fall is coming and I love cooler weather. I love the crackling fireplace, and I love all the festivals that go on during the fall.

Lynne Baxter

administrative assistant

Both. I am glad the kids are going back to school but bummed because it's the end of good weather and I love the heat. I love the summer.

Evelyn Blumin


A sigh of relief. Big time! The reason why is because I get to relax. I spent this whole summer building my new house, painting and building, painting and building and now I don't have to do it anymore! I had no time for fun, I didn't get to go camping, or to Tahoe or even to the casino. All for my girlfriend!

John Shea

gas station attendant

I wouldn't say either. I'm excited to go to DVC and start college but don't get me wrong, I love the summer.

Doug Smith

Diablo Valley College student, 18


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