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Newsfront - August 29, 2008

Bryan Ranch residents say no to change in roofing

60 percent in favor of amendment but 75 percent was needed

by Geoff Gillette

A campaign to allow the replacement of costly cedar shake roofs in the Bryan Ranch subdivision fell short of success following a recent vote by residents.

A group of residents, led by homeowner Steve Saucy, called for the homeowners association to allow the use of tri-laminate composite roofs, as opposed to the shake roofing. Those in favor of the laminate said that it would not cost as much and would pose less of a fire danger during the hot, dry summers.

At resident requests, the subdivision's management company, Common Interest Management Services, sent ballots to all 321 homes asking whether the residents would approve a change to the covenants. A 75 percent majority was needed to ratify the change.

Common Interest spokesman Barry James said the votes were gathered over the past month and a meeting was set to announce the results.

"We rented out the gym at Los Cerros Middle School because we were expecting a big crowd," James said. "It was a bit anticlimactic when only 10 people and the board showed up."

James said from the 321 homes, 245 ballots were cast. Of those, there were 148 Yes votes and 97 No votes. With only 60 percent of the ballots in favor, the measure failed.

David Blomquist, the head of the HOA's Architectural Review Committee said the vote bore out what he has maintained all along.

"It's just an indication the membership wants to uphold the high aesthetic standards established by the Smith Co.," he said.

Saucy said they may have lost but he is heartened by the clear majority of homeowners who want the option of replacing the shake with composites.

"We knew that 75 percent is very difficult to get whether for roofs or for a general election," he said. "We knew it would be difficult."

While the votes have been tabulated, the issue is far from settled. Saucy said they will continue to look at their options.

"We may work with the county to get shake roofs outlawed in high fire zones areas," he said. "We will also look at the board in the April election. We think the board should be looking at the broad-based interests of the entire community, not just a select few."