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Perspective - August 29, 2008


Asked on Hartz Avenue in Danville

Will you follow the Democratic and Republican conventions?

I will be watching the Democratic and Republican conventions because I think no matter what party you are affiliated with, it is important to be well informed about each candidate.

Sammy Brenner

student, University of Oregon

Maybe the Democratic. I would say it's important to do so.

Gordon Vredenburg


I will watch the Democratic to become more knowledgeable about the candidates and find out what they plan to do for the betterment of this country.

Kathy Vredenburg

retired teacher

Yes, I am going to watch them. I'm hoping for a repeat of the 1968 Democratic convention with anti-war supporters clashing with Obama supporters and Hillary supporters clashing with Obama supporters. While Denver Mayor Hickenlooper is in the streets trying to keep the peace.

Marty Miles


Yes, I'm going to watch. One of the reasons I'd like to watch is because it's live TV and live TV is always exciting.

Joan Maze-Miles