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Perspective - August 29, 2008

Vets Hall committee recognizes key players

by Tony Carnemolla

The Veterans Memorial Building development effort is now out of the starting blocks and well on its way to becoming a community resource that we will all be proud of. This is in no small measure the direct result of some significant and dedicated work by a number of people. The Veteran's Memorial Building Development Committee of San Ramon Valley would like to recognize some of those people.

The Danville Town Council in particular has displayed up-front leadership at important junctures in the process. They voted to provide initial funding for John Lind, an expert consultant who, working with the Veterans Committee, defined the scope of the project and created a detailed and comprehensive business plan.

Joe Calabrigo, Danville Town Manager, was involved in the process from the beginning and spent many hours in discussions with our consultant and with representatives of the committee. Due to his efforts the town can be assured that the project is not only financially sound but also will engage and support a large range of community interests that will include veterans' groups, senior citizens and other organizations.

With a strong business case in place, the Town Council voted unanimously on two major issues. The first was to fund a portion of the development effort at a level of $5.2 million. The other was to approve discussions with representatives of Contra Costa County to transfer ownership of the existing building to the Town of Danville.

The building has long been the property of the county, and everyone involved recognized the desirability of having local administration of the building. To that end, Supervisor Mary Piepho and her staff have provided important guidance and support to affect the transfer of ownership from the county to the town.

So, the committee would like to thank the many people who have brought us to this point in our project. We are at the start of a long and painstaking process which will require continued effort and support from all areas of the community.

If the commitment and leadership shown thus far is any indication, our efforts will be successful and will be in the best spirit of a vigorous community partnership.

Tony Carnemolla is on the board of directors of the Veterans Memorial Building Development Committee of the San Ramon Valley


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