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Perspective - September 5, 2008


Asked at Starbucks in Blackhawk Plaza

Now that the Presidential running mates have been named, what do you think of them?

I don't know if the rest of the world is ready for a female United States vice president. Women in the third world have a different social status that may cause issues. We may lose credibility.

Jeff Janes

IT contractor

I have always liked Biden but I am really excited about Sarah Palin because she is a woman that hunts and fishes. She also has good ethics.

Randy Welker


I like Sarah Palin for her good ethics. She is well spoken. She just had a Down syndrome child that she chose to keep.

Jonathan Lim


I really don't know as I have not been keeping up with politics. I grew up with a hard core political dad that has now dissuaded me from the inner workings of politics.

Jason Cisler

barista and new 10K runner

Sarah Palin has better hair! I remember Joe Biden had hair plugs.

Carolyn Walker

insurance account manager


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