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Perspective - September 12, 2008


Asked at Domenico's In Danville on a very hot day

Are you a gelato person or an ice cream person?

Ice cream. Less calories and is available in more places. My kids also prefer ice cream.

Stacy Ricca


I am a gelato person because it makes me feel so sophisticated. Coffee flavor is the best.

Paul Rharrer

college student at Cal Poly

I am a recent convert to gelato. I feel like it is not as creamy as ice cream and gentler on my stomach. Chocolate or coffee is my flavor of choice. Gelato is the new craze.

Peter Hootman

student and video producer

Gelato is ice cream and I like it a lot! I like chocolate in a cup because it tastes so good.

Juliet Becker, 3 years old

future food critic

That is so hard … if I want a lot, I eat ice cream but gelato is much richer and tastes better.

Michelle Glover

DVC student and soda jerk


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